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Swimming between Icebergs

Lewis Pugh undertakes a swim amongst icebergs near Peter I Island, Antarctica.



"I always have to prove myself as a female drifter"

Sunday. It’s a hot day at the Grand Parade in Cape Town’s CBD where the the inaugural Drift City event is taking place. The smell of burning rubber and the roar of car engines floats in the air. 498 more words


Last December I went for one of the most incredible adventures – Air Safari! We had to drive more than 20 kilometers out of Delhi to Sohna for this. 71 more words


Post 033a

A traceur is warming up for his parkour stunts at the ramparts of Intramuros.

Parkour is exclusive for the brash.

Photos by I.R. Arenas


Risk Taking in Extreme Sports

Brymer, E. (2010). Risk Taking in Extreme Sports: A phenomenological
perspective. Annals of Leisure Research 13(1/2), pp. 218-239.


Abstract: Participation in extreme sports is enjoying incredible growth while more traditional recreational activities such as golf are struggling to maintain numbers (Pain & Pain, 2005).  212 more words

Extreme Sport

(Alternate words: Espresso, Effect, Ecumenopolis, Eldritch, Evidence, and Ending. Added to the list.)

The shuttle hangs barely a hundred yards away to my retrograde, cargo airlock still agape; the pilot’s nerves must surely be worn to shreds with the delay in this atmosphere-scraping orbit, even more than mine. 277 more words


Bird Chase

seen today while walking the dogs

Dog Walks