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Lights, camera, rappel!

Rappelling is not just an extreme sport. For actors and actresses who focus on action films, rappelling is a skill they are required to improve. 192 more words

Jumping from a helicopter

A moment of silence, as I stepped back and let myself fall. It was a new sensation and almost peaceful.

It was not my first time jumping from a helicopter, but maybe the first time I really appreciated the experience. 216 more words


Zip Lining at Kereita

Have you ever looked up into the sky and thought that you would love to be able to fly like a bird… Well, a zip lining experience will do that for you.  243 more words

Skydiving: how to hang out in the sky

The skydiving season trickled to a start this year.  Unlike other skydivers, I jump with some regularity through the winter, so for me it was a slow start to the season with sporadic jumping in March and April. 341 more words


The Crash Reel (2013)

The relationship between Kevin Pearce and Shaun White went from close friends to top rivals as the 2010 Olympics approached.  As world class snowboarders, they pushed each other to excel and began to take more extreme risks as the sport evolved.   125 more words

Hard Dog Race

There was a big doggy challenge last weekend, where we couldn’t participate, because Kami is not healthy, but we went there to watch and cheer the contestants. 262 more words