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Surf's Up!!

This image came about through an extremely vague suggestion by my Uncle.  He said “Make a design for your cousin and make sure it has something do to with surfing”.  176 more words

Skydiving and being that girl

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

No Christmas has not come early, well maybe for skydivers it has because up here in Canada, skydiving season is in full swing. 276 more words


A little excitement to my boring life: how does the emergence of extreme sport impact the engagement of the CALD through traditional sport?

Another future trend mentioned in the report: The Future of Australian Sport was the emergence of the extreme sport. Extreme sport include, but not limit to, rock-climbing, skateboarding, kiteboarding, and BMX cycling. 735 more words

Swimming between Icebergs

Lewis Pugh undertakes a swim amongst icebergs near Peter I Island, Antarctica.



"I always have to prove myself as a female drifter"

Sunday. It’s a hot day at the Grand Parade in Cape Town’s CBD where the the inaugural Drift City event is taking place. The smell of burning rubber and the roar of car engines floats in the air. 498 more words

Published Work


Last December I went for one of the most incredible adventures – Air Safari! We had to drive more than 20 kilometers out of Delhi to Sohna for this. 71 more words