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Film: Summer Fun

A summary of some few speed flights on Helgeland area and Troms county. Was wishing to do some more flights, but the weather conditions put it down. 19 more words


Cave diving - Extreme sport in which a diver visits water-filled caves.

Cave Diving is the practice of diving in underwater caves, which requires special equipment and techniques. Cavern diving is a unique experience which gives you a taste of Cave diving while remaining safely close to the entrance and open water at all times.Cave diving is an extreme sport in which a diver visits water-filled caves. 72 more words


Tips On How To Cliff Jump Without Getting Hurt

These are just some general ideas that you should take into consideration. We also recommend that you get a serious training from someone with experience at first and if you are indeed a beginner, start with relatively small cliffs. 566 more words


"The Fourth Phase": Travis Rice's Epic Northern Pacific Journey

Red Bull Media have teamed up with iconic snowboarder Travis Rice in order to film the up and coming documentary dubbed The Fourth Phase. Directed by Jon Klaczkiewicz, it covers Rice’s mission to complete an epic 16,000 mile journey following the North Gyre Flow (the worlds largest eco-system). 132 more words


Surf's Up!!

This image came about through an extremely vague suggestion by my Uncle.  He said “Make a design for your cousin and make sure it has something do to with surfing”.  176 more words

Skydiving and being that girl

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

No Christmas has not come early, well maybe for skydivers it has because up here in Canada, skydiving season is in full swing. 276 more words