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A new look...

As the regular reader may have noticed: the lay-out of this blog has recently changed from from the previous (in my mind) very conservative block format to a simpler and more dynamic, yet still smartphone and tablet friendly format format.   120 more words


I hate outlining. I would rather drink a smoothie made with nothing but asparagus, brussel sprouts and broccoli. As a matter of fact, I do hold my nose a little when I outline–but I do outline. 300 more words


Kaituna River rafting Experience

So today we went rafting on the Kaituna River in Rotorua. It’s a cat 5 raft, due to the 3 waterfalls you go down, one of them being the world’s highest rafted waterfall. 805 more words

Zorbing - A different kind of sport

Writer: Teresa Madaleno

Have you ever considered zorbing? Those who have played call it, a “wild experience.”

To play you need a zorb or orb, as some people refer to it. 389 more words

Teresa Madaleno


There’s no Bali experience is complete without a Bungee Jump from magnificent tower. Hands down this jump spot is the most dramatic in the world. And here’s the list of the best place for you to do the bungee jumping. 372 more words

Film: Summer Fun

A summary of some few speed flights on Helgeland area and Troms county. Was wishing to do some more flights, but the weather conditions put it down. 19 more words


Cave diving - Extreme sport in which a diver visits water-filled caves.

Cave Diving is the practice of diving in underwater caves, which requires special equipment and techniques. Cavern diving is a unique experience which gives you a taste of Cave diving while remaining safely close to the entrance and open water at all times.Cave diving is an extreme sport in which a diver visits water-filled caves. 72 more words