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2000AD Prog 329: Are they robots? Are they machines? They're both!

This cover isn’t your usual 2000AD cover – it’s a tie-in to a toy. Picture courtesy of Kevin O’Neill, it’s a pretty faithful reproduction of the toy – taking centre-spot is the Robo-Machines RM-2 Tank, and I should know as I have one, on the shelf below my Matchbox Land-raider (both of which I’ve had before I knew they featured in 2000AD, as this was another back prog I didn’t get until some years later). 1,011 more words


The Earth is Warming Up…And Fast!

“Unless we take extreme measures now to alter the direction of climate, worldwide catastrophes will continue to take place!”

By Linn Smith

In the western state where I reside in the summers, record high and low temperatures continue to be broken. 488 more words

Climate Change

Climate change is not causing extreme weather

“Alexander notes hurricanes and tropical cyclones actually show a decreasing trend around the globe, with the frequency of land-falling hurricanes of any strength (Categories 1 through 5) remaining unchanged for at least 50 years. 44 more words

Climate Changes

'Megaflash': Weather officials confirm longest-ever lightning bolts

Weather experts have announced two shocking new world records out of South America, where satellites have detected the longest single flashes of lightning in recorded history. 578 more words


Current Events

I had a plan for this week’s post, I really did, but then Siberia had to hit triple digits, and Africa had to have a giant dust storm, and there is really no way I can fail to acknowledge either story. 1,000 more words

Climate Science