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Poor Countries Are Hit Worst By Extreme Weather, But No One Is Safe

Embedding resilience into your cloud-based modernisation strategy

“We know of no vendor or service provider today whose business model offerings and revenue growth are not influenced by the increasing adoption of cloud-first strategies.” These were the words of Gartner analyst Sig Nag, commenting on the firm’s recent finding that the public cloud services market is projected to grow a staggering 17.5 percent in 2019 to total $214.3 billion. 493 more words

The Summer Season

December 5, 2019

Heat and flies, bushfires and rain;

Summer in Australia is sure to contain –

A little of everything to keep us on our toes. 83 more words


The uninhabitable planet

Is the book I am currently reading and to say that it presents a scary picture of our planet’s future would be an understatement.

The author argues that the climate crisis is worse than most of us think. 175 more words


The Real Lesson of Thanksgiving

The Pilgrims and other early colonists were nearly wiped out by cold, drought and famine. Tony Heller points out that are very fortunate to live in a warmer, milder climate with ready availability of affordable energy. 60 more words

Climate Change

Electrical Storm

The clouds are still here…

The bushfire smoke is still hanging about…..

So are the dust storms……

Visibility is poor……..

Still no chance of astronomy………… 209 more words

Amateur Astronomy

Climate Change To World: "Honey, I Shrunk The Jet Stream!"

In the Times yesterday, we read the following:

The jet stream — the powerful transatlantic wind that dominates British weather — is being shrunk by climate change, scientists say. 1,176 more words