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That was extreme so now u feel freeAnd when you’re feeling free

You miss being confined


read as its own extreme

called on the known

and  well on the pattern

and party as its own coming

and  what it was the use

and smooth as its own elegance… 47 more words


Gesture of Unity; Race for Victory

By: Jennica Agcopra

Photographs by: Francis Fellippe Amor Gumahin

                    Geared up from their respective teams and places of origin, riders paved their way to the race track as they took part in the Motocross Flat Track Challenge and Motocross Extreme Competition at Dumlao Open Lot, fronting Manolo Fortich National High School, March 18 and 19. 699 more words

Editors Pick

EMM - Syringe Death Match - Drake Younger vs. Abdullah Kobayashi

Source; Chris Oney

featuring the syringe needle! Main Event and after match celebration July 30th, 2012

Extreme Rules

Three Extreme (2017)

Three Extreme:
1. Makeovers.
2. Weight loss.
3. Supervision.
Florida resort and White House-
Along with Trump Tower via
choice of spouse.

— MaryElizabeth Rumsey (@MEinRhyme) March 19, 2017

Three By M.E./Rhymes Of The Times 2017

3/15/17 - Decision Day

So today is the day. My ex-wife and I will sit down and discuss supports due to my unemployment. I know she is a big believer in sex and money, and completely uninterested in morality, fidelity, or honor. 480 more words