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The Ideology of Independents: More Ideological Than Partisans

FiveThirtyEight had a fascinating look at the Bernie vs. Clinton battle for the Democratic nomination.  The analysis finds that Bernie Sanders has found his strongest support not from self identified Democrats, but among Independents. 890 more words


That Time Disney Used The Tony Hawk Engine To Get "Extreme"

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Remember the part of The Lion King where Scar challenges Simba to grind all the elephant skulls in the elephant graveyard while collecting zebra haunches? 940 more words


Colorado,USA Part 2

So aside from great parks and historical architecture, what else is there to explore in Colorado? A whole lot more!

For instance, there are plenty local small restaurants and cafe’s that offer decent food and breathtaking views. 265 more words


The Ledge 

Today I conquered The Ledge Bungy in Queenstown, New Zealand!!!

The jump is about 47 meters (155 feet) and it overlooks the beautiful scenic town of Queenstown. 15 more words

Extreme Virtue

Can virtue be extreme? Can good be overdone? Or is virtue and goodness encouraged at every and any situation despite it’s extremity? I applaud the phrase: moderation is the key for we have discovered that any extremity poisons the balanced equilibrium of the society. 117 more words

My Daily Challenge

25th May 2016 WWE Wednesday Wrap-up

News of the week: Cody Rhodes released by mutual consent.

No no no. 😭 #thankyoucody https://t.co/jd5dLHh73f

— Mister Herbish (@MisterHerbish) May 21, 2016

My immediate reaction to Cody requesting his release was devastation, which slowly subsided into immense frustration.

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Brunner 1.0 is back, and he's Extreme

Brunner 1.0 says Extreme Rules, wasn’t all that extreme. But we got a major comeback in the wrestling world! 86 more words