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July 25, 2016: It's a Long Way Down... THE DEATH ROAD!

There was nothing deep about today… except the steep canyon, its greedy mouth open wide to my left hand side. My mountain bike skids in the dust, but I’m alright. 169 more words


Life is funny sometimes. In fact, most events in life are hilarious given enough time, distance and perspective. Sex? Imagine the faces you make and the awkward noises. 2,112 more words

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EXAFM 2016 Day 24: Battle Royale (2001) review by Jon Weidler

You gotta hand it to Asian schoolkids: they could be the most resilient, adaptable human beings walking the Earth today.

Seriously: Sin City notwithstanding, how often do you see bodies riddled with a dozen bullets at close range, that somehow bounce back to fight some more (even delivering profound parting words before shuffling off this mortal coil)? 512 more words

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Top 10 Extreme Attractions

Top 10 Extreme Attractions

Hey, guys. Dice Rollen here with a list of some of the most pants-shittingly-scary attractions. These are some very extreme experiences that, frankly, make me question the sanity of those who enjoy them so thoroughly. 870 more words


enough meathead metal vocals

i’m so fucking sick of the shitty growling vocals that have been dominating extreme metal for the last, oh i don’t know, 15 years? it sucked when it started and it sucks even more now because everyone has had more than enough time to realize that they’re not heavy. 345 more words