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WTF: Real Life 7-Foot Chinese Ivan Drago by Willie Evangelista

Boxing‘s next big thing has arrived, and his name is Taishan Dong. The Chinese fighter is 7’0″ and has two wins from two knockouts since making his boxing debut in July. 66 more words

Willie Evangelista

Response: Medea video.

During the video, the actor made the claim that Medea was not insane but actually an extremist. Medea’s sanity can be seen from the judgment she displayed behind her actions. 179 more words

Class Assignment

A new chilling vision of Hell

The Devil’s Detective: A Novel ★★★1/2
Simon Kurt Unsworth
Doubleday | March 2015

All hope abandon, ye who enter here.

I picked up this book with the initial impression that I was in for an urban fantasy piece in which Hell (and angels and demons) would play a role, but that some of the story would inevitably take place in a concrete, corrupted human city. 442 more words


A para what?

What is a paraphilia?

So first lets talk about what a paraphilia is, by definition a paraphilia is characterized as an abnormal sexual desire usually involving dangerous or extreme behaviors. 80 more words

Wild, Wild West

March 3,

And I was quite indignant to see a child dipped into an icy pool of water. Of course the episode takes place in Russia as depicted in the “Real Russia”, YouTube channel. 94 more words

Sailing is no longer an old man's game

Redbull sailors Roman Hagara and Hans Peter Steinacher have devised a new form of sailing, that could lead to a new future in sailing.


This archer can shoot an aspirin tablet in mid-air, what can you do?

Whats better than seeing an archer hit lifesavers in mid-air? Watching him do it in slow motion.