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February 20, 2017

This Monday we have some quite interesting news about microbes! Microbes found inside giant crystals in caves in Chihuahua, Mexico, may have survived there for tens of thousands of years, while meadows of underwater seagrass plants might lower levels of harmful bacteria in nearby ocean waters making the whole ecosystem — from corals to fish to humans — healthier.  397 more words

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Science Book Review: Weird Life

Weird Life: The Search for Life that is Very, Very Different from Our Own by David Toomey is a book with a self-explanatory title that suggests wonder and discovery. 1,113 more words


Heading to the field with the "Biology Meets Subduction" team

Subduction is one the most fascinating geological processes on Earth. It allows for old crust to be recycled, along with all the organic matter and volatiles present in it, and contributes to continent formation. 790 more words

February 2, 2017

Did you ever wonder about vitamin B12 role in microbiome organization and function? using a chemical probe mimic of vitamin B12, the authors reveal a light- and B12-dependent DNA regulator and predict that organismal interdependencies for B12 may be critical to microbiome stability and overall function.   715 more words

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