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Is there life beyond the Earth?

A question asked since man first looked up at the stars – and one we want answered in January.

This year, after hosting the prestigious… 566 more words


Hardy bugs!

With the Society for Applied Microbiology’s Winter Meeting on Psychrophiles and Extremophiles rapidly approaching (19 January 2016), we asked Louisa Preston “How would you define… 557 more words


Life From Another Planet?

One of the hardiest creatures on Earth is the microscopic tardigrade. Found in habitats all over the planet, from the deep sea to the Himalayas, the tardigrade has remained relatively unchanged through all five of the mass extinction events in Earth’s history (over 500 million years). 373 more words


Evolution Website Sets Out To Tackle Great Scientific Unknowns

Ever wondered if a fly can ride a bicycle, or whether you could survive only on water? A new website on evolution, created by Cambridge scientists and featuring contributions from luminaries including Sir David Attenborough, has some intriguing answers.  967 more words

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Earth's Microscopic Superhero

Everyone loves a good superhero, and while the mythical abilities of our favorite crime-fighting defenders have captured imaginations for decades, our own humble planet has produced organisms that make the fictional feats of… 801 more words


Can we recognize life if we see it on other worlds?

Back in June, I traveled to a remote lake in British Columbia to visit a NASA research site. That trip resulted in a long article I wrote for… 384 more words


Cells & Homeostasis: Types of Cells

Today we learned about the three major cell types: prokaryotes, eukaryotes, and archaea.  The PowerPoint included detailed notes on the similarities and differences of the cell types, and concluded with a SciShow video about the tardigrade.   80 more words