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Thriving in Extremes!

Where are you most and least comfortable? Basically, the average human survives in a nice, safe place with food, oxygen, radiation protection, and naturally room temperature. 459 more words


NASA's Advanced Concepts

NASA’s 2015 symposium on advanced concepts was kicked off today (January 27) with a stellar group of ideas ranging from spacecraft/rover hybrids to “The Aragoscope”, which promises high resolution optics with a smaller price-tag attached. 310 more words

Space Law

Philae Discovers Life's Building Blocks on Comet 67C

It amazes me that humans are capable of doing the math to send stuff into outer space (which might say something about my own math skills, if I’m being honest). 697 more words

Oddities In The Ocean

Adorable Extremophiles: Meet the Tardigrade

Adorable Extremophiles… | I Want Ice Water!.

From and with thanks to Isaac at http://iwanticewater.wordpress.com

By the way, if you enjoy learning stuff with humor and gifs, do go see what my friend Issac is up to at… 51 more words


The Third Domain

The Third Domain

Moon deconstructing
Guardian of the deep night
A crescent or sphere?

On outhouse front doors
Or gracing a mandala?
It’s phases await… 339 more words

Ecology and Systems Biology: Extreme Environments

Today we focused on 8 factors that are commonly found in environments we consider to be extreme.  Students began the lesson with an introduction to the bell curve and an brief explanation of the mean and standard deviation.   125 more words

Systems Biology