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Water and Life: The Unique Properties of H2O

Water is a strange thing. The unique structure of its molecules allow it take on three different forms: a liquid that is easily absorbed into porous substances (i.e. 742 more words


The Weird and Wonderful World of the Water Bear

I have long been fascinated by water bears (also known as tardigrades, and more amusingly and infrequently as moss piglets), though I have yet been lucky enough to see them for myself, wandering about their microscopic worlds. 292 more words


CanCon 2015, day 1: Ecology and story workshop with Nina Munteanu

It took us a little longer to drive to Ottawa than I thought, so I was late for this workshop. My apologies to Nina and to any of my readers who experience confusion as a result. 702 more words

Authorial Name Dropping

The Resilient Nature of Life: A Story That Worth a Thousand Lifetimes

Life is everywhere; beneath layers of dirt, ponds of stagnant water, even on the surface of your skin. Life is ubiquitous. It thrives even in the most unimaginable places; in vacuum, oceans of unspeakable salinity, lands of indescribable aridity, and places of extreme temperature.
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Seaweed for sceptics (I): a rough origin for the red algae

Seaweeds are one of those things we might take for granted. Even many biologists would call this fleshy marine algae “dull” or “uninteresting” (we guess they’d be called seaweed sceptics?). 1,844 more words


Is there life beyond the Earth? - Denver Russell Lecture now online

A question asked since man first looked up at the stars – and one we want answered in January.

This year, after hosting the prestigious… 403 more words


Hardy bugs!

With the Society for Applied Microbiology’s Winter Meeting on Psychrophiles and Extremophiles rapidly approaching (19 January 2016), we asked Louisa Preston “How would you define… 557 more words