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‘You love to talk to people, but you have to plan it out first’

Who are you ? 

An extreme extrovert, a subtle introvert or the intermediate AMBIVERT ? 583 more words


Where is everyone?

I wake up this morning and there are no animals to be found! Where are they all?

I walk out of my bedroom. Oh, there’s the dog. 66 more words


Introverts > Extroverts

Tuesday afternoon, 2013. I was sat in my A-Level Psychology class where we were discussing a new topic: introversion and extroversion. After explaining what these terms meant,  I remember my teacher (who is one of the loveliest people on the planet btw) suggesting who in the class she thought showed introverted tendencies and I was one of the examples. 346 more words


A Nervous Girl's Guide to... Pretending To Be An Extrovert

People call me an extrovert. But these are people who didn’t know me as a child.

I was the sort of child that once didn’t answer the door when my friends called for me, simply because the chapter of the book I was reading was getting good. 1,002 more words

A Peek Into The Mind Of An Extroverted Introvert

Say what?  An extroverted introvert?  What the heck is that you ask  You’re in luck.  I’m going to give you a bird’s eye look into the mind of one:  mine.  1,745 more words


W is for Webtrovert, #AtoZChallenge

Today’s textspeak is one of my favorites so far (and likely will be my favorite overall, since we’re close to the end and all).

Are you much more outgoing online than you are in real life? 151 more words

A To Z Challenge

X-factor reloaded – A to Z Challenge

It was almost eight years back when I was a dorky school student preparing for my college entrance exams. This particular college in Pune not just required me to hand in heavyset assignments, but I had to be in their august presence for a panel interview, submission of documents and assignments and a group discussion. 601 more words

A To Z Challenge