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The (Outgoing!) Introvert and Me

You’re super talkative. You’re the life of the party on your side of the table. People come to you for advice and you do advise them (in about, oh, 1000 words instead of 100). 1,454 more words


You of All People Don't Know How to Articulate!

If you knew me personally you’d know how funny that was to hear. I’m the literary one of my group – I was the voracious reader throughout school, studied English at uni, won too many writing competitions to remember and I’m making it my career. 494 more words

From Introvert to Extrovert: Part 11

I might as well just with “hopefully” in all of my articles because I truly hope you did what I said. With that being said, hopefully you learned something new yesterday, whether that be a new word or a whole language, we are not talking about volume (how much you learned of something) but just if you did learned at least one thing. 584 more words


Self-care; Self-love

Every once in a while we need to make time for ourselves, to be by ourselves and recharge. It’s not selfish to do this because it’s just you taking care of yourself. 641 more words

Why This Extrovert Says 'No Thanks' To Social Media

I’m a writer and an extrovert and love people; however, I’m not on social media and have no desire to be.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t care if other people are on social media. 377 more words

A Quiet World: The World Including Introverts & Ambiverts.

A friend introduced me to the American lecturer and writer, Susan Cain and her consistent work on promoting the power of introverts in a world, which has preconceived and inflexible standards by which an individual’s personality and traits are judged. 2,485 more words

From Introvert to Extrovert: Part 10

Today I hope you woke up full of energy and enthusiastic for the day. Today is a Friday and as an introvert I feel this is actually the worst day because you know everyone else (at least most) is going out with friends and having a good time. 581 more words