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I have often written and spoken about vulnerability and openness of a person. It becomes confusing especially when you get confused between vulnerability and extrovert-ism vs. 511 more words

Life as an INTJ: Appreciating competency and not answering phone calls since 1987.

Like an odd bug that not many people know what to do with. Is it poisonous? Should I hold it? Will it bite me? It looks kind of squishy… it obviously has soft insides. 3,436 more words


I’ve always said I was an introvert, but I think this describes me 100x better. 0=P


~ Hoài-Linh


starting college as an introvert

Let me kick things off by saying there’s no rhyme nor reason, no thesis statement nor concise content in this blog post. It’s simply a ramble written in the middle of the night out of anxiety resulting into insomnia. 1,077 more words


Days of an INFJ

Sometimes I’m too nonchalant for my own good.

I either feel or don’t feel at all. There’s no in between but somehow I’m still misunderstood. … 234 more words


Statements I Should Make as an Introverted Extrovert

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I, (like most), love my family and friends, and love meeting new people. On the flip side, if you take away my alone time, I will be one stressed and cranky little woman. 454 more words