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March 4, 2015

I love extroverts, but I can’t pretend to understand or relate to all that energy. I get tired just answering the phone. ;)


My 4-day Rule

Hey everyone!

I wanted to let you guys know more about myself.

I think I am an ambivert. That means I am both introvert (gets energy from being alone) and extrovert (gets energy from socializing). 189 more words


People - Ever met?

Continuing on the ‘love tip”, I’m wondering if you’ve ever met someone like this: a creative personality. If you want to increase the size of your ability to love, then interact with a ‘creative personality’. 242 more words

Decisions, decisions....

I once had a burning desire to be a public speaker. I was on track, doing the things to get me there. Then out of nowhere came the thought ‘why would anyone want to hear what you have to say?’ 224 more words


Shaped for Social Solitude?

Here’s a conundrum. My passions are writing and relationships. (Combining these, I love to write about relationships.) What’s the challenge? I can easily get too busy writing, researching markets and avenues of publication, and submitting work, to have time for the relationships about which I’m trying to write. 389 more words


8 Tips On How To Become More Shy And Less Talkative

  1. Become less socially involved with people
  2. Don’t make an effort
  3. Be grumpy and find reasons to hate your day
  4. Be afraid of any and all types of social interaction…
  5. 35 more words

Day 56: The Relationship Between Introversion and Creativity

Despite my natural introversion, for most of my life I labored under the popular cultural rule that in order for truly creative inspiration and brainstorming to take place, one had to be in some sort of team. 437 more words

100 Days Of Creativity