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You Don’t Look Like an Introvert

I don’t know if I am one of those “extroverted introvert” people, but I do know that I am definitely not an extrovert. I play a good game, though. 617 more words

QUIET by Susan Cain | Review

Quiet. It’s a quality I have always felt, a characteristic I have always identified with. This isn’t to say I’m not talkative or don’t enjoy long conversations, because I do. 835 more words


Obrolan Sore : Life of An Introvert


        Pembahasan mengenai introvert dan extrovert selalu menarik minat saya. Seminggu yang lalu saya menghadiri meetup rutin Introverts Network Indonesia Community. Ini bukan kali pertama saya menghadiri acara komunitas tersebut, semua yang hadir pada acara ini mengaku seorang introvert dan pernah mengalami beberapa masalah dengan ke- 325 more words



Fear of missing out also known as FOMO has been a very real thing in my life for quite some time, but it seems to get worse in the past few weeks. 351 more words

'Why are you so quiet?'

In a world dominated by extroverts (or so we think, they’re just the ones shouting the loudest), it’s hard to be someone who doesn’t want to be in the limelight. 895 more words



So, there’s a handsome guy in your college surrounded by a number of girls but wait, you don’t count in that number. Or if, only if he by heaven’s chance approaches you anyhow, you are still sitting there unable to give wings to the conversation and that’s when you move to the next level from an introvert to a boring person and all you do at that particular time period is crack some really poor jokes and trust me that can be really hazardous. 173 more words

Social Anxiety?

Being scared of not being liked, or of being misperceived. But what is it that I’m so desperate to be perceived as? A desperation that squeezes the life out of my heart and lungs, in its frantic attempt to avoid being stamped out in the blink of a side-eye. 447 more words