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What it's like to be an Ambivert?

When I say I’m an Introvert, nobody believes me and says I come across more as an Extrovert. When I say I’m an Ambivert, people usually don’t know what that means. 462 more words


"Just show her a little swing"

Swing dancing – the dance of the 1920s- 1940s. If you have do not know what swing dancing looks like watch this Hooked on Swing Dancing… 375 more words

Introvert Power - by Laurie Helgoe (2013)

I was browsing the e-book section of my library’s website when I spotted this book. There have been a number of books in the last few years on the topic, including “Quiet”, “The Introvert Advantage”, and “The Awakened Introvert”, none of which I have read. 213 more words

Biography And Non-fiction


You either are an introvert or you hate introverts. Though I suppose this isn’t
completely true, this is what I assume on a day-to-day basis. I go up to someone… 484 more words


Confessions of an Ambivert

Have you ever thought why sometimes in life dealing with people is such a struggle. Sometimes you will come to the point asking yourself if the problem is you, not the other way around. 768 more words



I am trembling it's my turn to speak.

My fingers keep moving,nails hurting my skin,I'm hurting
I have to speak and read out loud
even when my voice makes cracking sounds. 242 more words