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Having someone to dress for – 05.07.15

As I was thinking of what to wear today, I was musing on the philosophy behind the quandary. Sometimes, when I wear casual clothes, I want to fit in. 261 more words


The Struggles Of Introverts and Extroverts

Life of the party, or the one hiding in the shadows of a corner, we gotta love and appreciate how different we all are as people! 17 more words



Once there was a girl,
who hide herself from the world,
she was like a turtle who’s hiding in underneath a shell,

and once there was a boy, 93 more words

On Being an Introvert 

It has taken me a long time to realise that I am not shy. I am an introvert.

When I was younger, like primary school age, I was really gregarious and chatty and made friends really easily, especially when we were on holiday and things. 469 more words

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Being okay with being "likable"

We have different social personas, different levels of being liked, and different levels of intimacy.

There are goals of getting to know others and earning about them and their interests. 1,095 more words


This is serious...

I have a problem. I am naturally an introvert. I don’t talk much with people I just met and I don’t click with people right away. 436 more words


SELF EXPRESSION: Don't Be Afraid To Be and To Show Who You Are. Just Be Yourself!

I heard and read a lot of stories related to life survival and similar stuff since teenager. One thing that I finally realised is, humans like to “apply” their experiences and situations to advice and give motivation to other people, in assumption all the occurrences are the SAME, when they are actually NOT. 210 more words

Self Expression