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I feel locked out.

Friends and family are both keys in building people up. That is not a mystery. Every single person on this planet has those keys in some extent. 919 more words


T-16- Massage Therapy Day.

So, this morning I got to sleep in. It was nice, first time this week I have had a full 8 hours of sleep. Our little alarm clock Jazzmine started bouncing off the walls at 8:00.  256 more words

the quiet one

Growing up I was extremely shy. Shy to the point that I would carry my paperback books from place to place and hide within the pages in order to avoid talking to other people. 476 more words


Confessions of the introvert people believe is an extrovert

Confession: I am an introvert.

There are some of you who know me who are currently starring open-mouthed at your screens genuinely surprised by this admission. 1,953 more words

Life Stuff

Shower Curtains and Happy Yellow Cars

There are two kinds of people in the world: those for whom stuff is, ultimately, just stuff, and those for whom stuff has an existential connection to who we are and the emotional world we inhabit. 945 more words


Why I am afraid of school buses- True story ahead!

“Trochophobia” that is the official name for the fear of school buses says the almighty Google. And I very much identify with that gut wrenching pain when a school bus approaches. 807 more words

Musings And Tales

Are You an Introvert or An Extrovert? - The Perez Sisters

BACK STORY:  One of RA’s sorority sisters, Freda posted an article called “Listen to the Power of Quiet People” by: Gustavo Razzetti on her Linked in Feed. 343 more words