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Who is the biggest?

We sometimes divide people into introvert and extrovert groups. Most of us are a little bit of both, others are more introvert than extrovert and vice versa. 108 more words

What Ever/Övrigt

Introvert and Extrovert

Hello Readers,

I was hesitant the last time I wrote to add the other myth but the topic of introvert and extrovert came up in class tonight. 264 more words

Diary Entry

Wardrobe Wednesday...

Saba skinny jeans…smart enough to wear Monday-Friday and so comfy $130


Writing & Life Events: Plugging away through life’s hurdles

So BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, guys! I’m moving to Florida! And by moving to Florida, I mean packing up the essentials, the border collie and myself all into my Mini Cooper Clubman for the 15-hour drive down the East Coast. 466 more words


Is Cooking Therapeutic for an #Introvert?

Cooking is extremely calming for me. My grandmother basically taught me how to cook old German recipes that I still make today for my family. There is something about looking at a recipe and making something out of just a bunch of ingredients. 596 more words

The Awesome Stuff I Wrote

5 Ways an Extrovert Can Thrive

When an extrovert is healthy, they are some of the truest and most honest friends you’ll come across. But unlike the introvert, their unhealthy tendencies can be harder to spot. 68 more words



I’m an introvert. But I don’t think we’re all purely introverts or purely extroverts. There’s a grey area. Sometimes I’m an extrovert. This doesn’t happen often, in fact almost never, which is why I identify as an introvert.  211 more words