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Extroverted Introvert 

Oh well, if there’s any word like that, if not I just formed it 😁😁😁

It’s a beautiful cool Saturday morning on this side of Africa, struggling to get out of bed with this annoying tummy ache that came as a result of a drinking competition (please don’t ask me for details) as I read something about being an extrovert and introvert and found myself in it. 788 more words


How to party like an introvert

Extroverts take their energy from bouncing off other people, whereas introverts draw strength from their inner lives: this has become commonplace, but I remember feeling profoundly understood when I first came across the idea that feeling drained by loud restaurants and busy parties wasn’t abnormal. 1,288 more words

Just For Fun

blurryface chronicles I


sure, i’ll be there √ √5.58

omg! i can’t wait 😆 i like love pizza. its round but you eat it in triangles. does that make sense drew? 334 more words


Quote of the day

Introverts recharge their batteries by being alone; extroverts need to recharge when they don’t socialize enough.
-Susan Cain


Introvert Or Extrovert: Both Are Advantages

I have read a lot of stories lately about kids naturally being introverted and how to navigate parties and social interactions when they are in tow. 575 more words


13 Confessions from an Introvert

Everybody but other introverts seem to think that it’s weird or that we aren’t socially healthy. Introverts like to socialize but they don’t need to do it as often as extroverts simply because being in social situations is draining. 938 more words