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When Your World Is Donald Trump

I’m not a big fan of either Trump or Clinton, but as I was watching last night’s debate, I was reminded of a scene I see playing out in my classroom time and again: the thoughtful, quiet student tries to make a point and the loud-mouth, who hasn’t thought the answer through at all, shouts her down. 396 more words

Introverts as Public Speakers?

Introverts Make the Best Speakers

I gave a speech this weekend and, not to brag but… I nailed it!  I used to speak in front of groups all the time in my work as an HR Director and Training Program developer.  

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Wake Up Gurl!

2016 Election: The Introvert vs. the Extrovert

We seem to be desperate as a country this election season on who should be the next President.  Let’s ignore the media on this cycle; they have been less than helpful to supply solid information on which to judge.   808 more words

Handling Extroverts

At the snack table during the women’s networking workshop this morning, a tiny white- haired woman approached me.  She snagged a portion of a bagel and slapped cream cheese on it, saying she was splurging. 275 more words


Writing with Personality for Extroverts

Last month, I shared some simple insights on Writing with Personality for Introverts, so this time, I want to speak to their counterparts. Some misinterpret the definitions for these contrasting temperaments. 430 more words