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Introverted leaders

It’s been over a year since I read Quiet by Susan Cain, and it still lingers in my thoughts. It is a book about introversion and about being an introvert in an extrovert world. 653 more words



I am an introvert.


I can’t be anything else.

I’ve clung to that one word for a lifeline,

An explanation,

A coping mechanism.

But why do I see a difference in myself, 468 more words


I found some amazing quotes that lifted my spirits recently.

“Let people feel the weight of who you really are and let them fucking deal with it.” – Tarryn Fisher…

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Post no. 6: Production meeting 02/12/16

By the time the production meeting took place on that Friday, I had completed the copy for our article and after two failed attempts for a page design, Katie finally managed to nail down a double page spread that was aesthetic and didn’t pose a threat to any sort of copyright. 220 more words

Creative Media Production


During my school and uni years, I always thought that I was an introvert. I was out of place, I guess. I do not really remember what I did then except for being in the library or surrounded myself with books. 311 more words

Catatan Pengalaman: Introvert dan Extrovert

“Akhi macam mana nak latih ikhwah introvert buat tajmik, ziarah, dakwah fardiah semua?”

Merenung soalan ini, membuat aku kembali kepada soal salah faham yang berlaku dalam memahami pembahagian personaliti/karakter ini. 694 more words


Are you introvert or extrovert? Try this test and find out about yourself....

31 day blog challenge – “Three personality traits I am proud of…”

Where does personality come from? Is it something you are born with, or does it develop as you grow up? 311 more words