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I Have a Confession to Make ... I am an Ambivert

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee/@GeeGranny on Twitter

I can be many ways … around lots of people for a while … then just be with myself.   644 more words


The Introverted Face

People whose faces are perceived to look more “competent” are more likely to be CEOs of large, successful companies. Having a face that people deem “dominant” is a predictor of rank advancement in the military. 1,352 more words

Words Or Number To Think

Being an introvert matters.

Hello world. How have you been?

Today’s post is something that really matters to me. Lately, I have realized that many people do not understand its meaning or its importance. 439 more words



This painting is for me about solitude in different ways.
You can be a winner in a race, then you are all alone and number one. 273 more words

What Ever

Parenting Fail of the Week: What really happens when your 4-year-old is very, very quiet

Do not pat yourself on the back. Do not congratulate yourself. This is not the breakthrough that you’ve been waiting for—the day when finally, he’s playing quietly, entertaining himself, writing the immortal novel or finishing his treatise on the social habits of roly poly bugs. 455 more words


Late Night Research

So obviously if you’re reading this blog you must know at this point that my dogs are very important to me, they let me feel the responsibility of have someone’s life in your hands. 1,223 more words

Introverts - A Blunt Guide for Extroverts

I am BURNED OUT, folks. Trans Pride Weekend was an absolute blast from start to finish and I enjoyed myself enormously. But all that being around people really drains the old batteries for me. 1,214 more words