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Why We Never Take Our Shoes Off.

I didn’t know whether to rip your clothes off or run the other way. I thought it would be easier if I didn’t stay. However the passion for you still burns as bright as the day we met under the light of the falling summer sun. 481 more words


On polyamory

Describe your ideal relationship, go!

Got it?

Now take a few moments to think about it – I mean really ruminate. Ruminate the crap out of it. 3,386 more words


It takes all kinds of people to make the world

I don’t know why I had put the term ‘introvert ‘ in the title of this blog. Well, I am a certified introvert but that is beside the point. 416 more words


Function Fridays: Extraverted Intuition (Ne)

Kicking off my 8-week series of “Function Fridays” with my dominant, and personal favorite – extraverted intuition (Ne)!

Ne, in a nutshell… is weird. It’s everywhere. 565 more words

Worst Vacation Ever - Except for me...it's AWESOME!

My wife (The Hippy) is about 900 miles away from me right now.

She is in Las Vegas with a few girlfriends. I am sitting at home taking care of our six year old kindergartener and our nearly 16 year old puppy. 375 more words

The Awesome Stuff I Wrote

How To Be Antisocial

  1. Act in an unpleasant manner towards other people
  2. Become comfortable with being alone
  3. Keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself

Introvert or Extrovert that should be the question...

Or Ambiverts?  Whatever your personality might be, don’t wait to find out when you are 50something.

My daughter, fresh out of college brought home her full Briggs Myers personality test and shared it with me and the family. 294 more words