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#loveme challenge - Day Twelve

Day 12 – Share a Flaw

While it can sometimes be a positive thing, I think one of my biggest flaws is how stubborn I am.   334 more words

Writing Challenge

You think I am an extrovert?

They say I’m the classic extrovert- the person who is comfortable in a crowd, who will drum up conversation with anyone on elevators, at coffee shops, waiting for buses, anywhere.  500 more words

Strengths & Weaknesses, Blessings & Curses

We’re accustomed to assigning labels to things based on how WE feel, or what we think is “in good taste”. We might say, “that vegetable is too bitter”, “that color is just awful”, “that outfit is so tacky”, “that hairstyle is really unattractive”, and so on and so on. 1,195 more words


#SCflood & Contra Dance

Depending on how connected you are to the news, and how widespread this news actually is, you may have heard a lot about my state today! 726 more words


The Dilemma of Being an Introverted Twin Mom

As an introvert, I often feel misunderstood. Contrary to popular belief, being introverted does not necessarily equate to being shy or antisocial (although I do admit to being awkward!). 1,000 more words

Book Review: Quiet

I’d like to share my thoughts on the book Quiet, The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.

I thoroughly enjoyed this treatise of introverts versus extroverts. 456 more words


Social events as an Introvert.

I know that tonight there is a youth group service at the church that my brother and his family goes to. I haven’t been to one of those activities since July. 458 more words