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I originally submitted this story at Quiet Revolution about a month ago after putting a lot of effort into my writing during my spare time both during school and at home.

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Mental Gymnastics & Conversations

Below are several samples of conversations that some introverts living with 246 more words

Wandering With Shadows

thoughts from the cave

Many fall down, 

  few return to the sunlit lands.

C.S. Lewis, The Silver Chair

Greetings, friendly readers! Are you guys into the introvert/extrovert conversation? I’m pretty into it but I don’t like to admit it. 496 more words

How to be an Extroverted Writer

I struggle to write alone in my apartment. (My attention-piglet of a cat doesn’t help.) I know many people who need to shut the rest of the world out to focus, but I write best when I’m around other people. 313 more words

On Writing

What's an extroverted introvert?

Want to know why I’m a super social person who feels terror when the phone rings? Check out this description of extroverted introverts. This one… 72 more words

What I'm Reading

Introverts on a party vacation

I am a weird combination of introvert and extrovert.

I love being alone, or with few people I know really well at home. I enjoy my space most of the time and I don’t really go out all that much on the weekends. 299 more words