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Our family recently had a gathering. There are many generations represented and I think we do fairly well at keeping things balanced, but it struck me that there are some obvious generation gaps. 975 more words

Myers Briggs: Do Personality Tests Work?

We’ve all been sucked into those procrastination black holes before, where a 5 minute break from work turns into 30 minutes or more spent clicking through countless quizzes like ‘How confident are you?’, ‘How romantic are you?’, ‘Which colour sums up your personality?’. 907 more words

Knowing Who You Are [Part 1]

A generic explanation of human “Temperaments ” or“Personality is that, all human beings are born with genetically inherited “behavioral tendencies” that are as much a part of our DNA as is the color of our hair; all humans are made up of DNA combinations passed on to us through our parents and ancestors. 1,272 more words


life behind my closed bedroom door

I feel as though I watch my friends lives, as well as my own, without actually being present. I listen to their conversations from behind the closed door of my bedroom. 345 more words


Could I be a closet introvert?

I read this article What Every Empath will try to hide from you and I know the headline is very click-bait-y but I haven’t read much on empaths online and I believe that I am one. 533 more words


Down Time for an Extrovert

In general I am an extrovert. I would much rather be in the company of others than left alone for long periods of time. Big events and exciting adventures are what I live for. 252 more words