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Introvert, Extrovert or Ambivert?

What is a introvert?

Introversion is a personality trait. People who are introverts are more inward thinking. They focus mostly on their own thoughts, feelings and moods.  680 more words


Introversion and "Comfort Zones"

There are two things that people look at and think “welp, that needs to change” in others. (Granted, there are a lot more than two things, but I want to focus on just these two.) 1,164 more words

Who do you like?

What makes us like some other persons?

Is it the way they make us feel?

Is it the vibe we get from them?

Some say that we like certain people because they remind us of the things that we like about ourselves and who pull us away from the things we hate about ourselves. 250 more words


4 Ways To Maintain Balance As An Introverted Extrovert

When I was a kid, my family always saw me as the most confident and outgoing personality in the family. I remember telling stories and last night’s dreams like it was my turn at the Comedy Cellar stage. 566 more words

Collective World

Mobile Phones are Great but Please Don't Call Me

Isn’t mobile phones great. You can take them anywhere, get hold of your friends whether they are home or out and about, and you can catch up on your social media. 444 more words

O is for Observation

Something that you may not know about me, I am an introvert. Now a lot of people like to throw around the introvert/extrovert label and say that one or the other is better, but that simply not true. 187 more words


Classroom design for collaborative learning

How much collaboration is too much?  Does creative work depend upon group pow-wows or solitary thinking?

As a teacher who supports collaborative learning and project-based approaches and a person who values independence for creative time, I find myself torn between finding the appropriate ratio of collaborative space versus individual space needed to carry out a project.  773 more words