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Imitating What Someone Else Has Been Struggling For is Not Cool At All

Saya teringat pernah membaca beberapa kicauan dari orang-orang Twitter tentang depresi dan anxiety. Intinya mereka “bangga” akan hal itu dan merasa keren dengan menjual sesuatu hasil panenan depresinya yang berbentuk so-called-art. 574 more words


The Anxious Extrovert

So, this blog is a little more personal than usual, but since one of the helpful tools for my anxiety is to write things out, here I am. 588 more words

Keep Your Cookie - Notes From An Only-Child

I am an only child.

The moment I say this to people I notice how their faces react: pursed lips, quizzical furrowed brows. First, they register that people like me exist. 973 more words

My Disappearing Act

I’m an introvert and a proud one at that, but it can come at a price. I’ve realised that I’ve developed habits over the years that are fuelled by my reaction to social environments, one of them my friends know all too well; The Disappearing Act. 877 more words

Why extroverts seek stimulation

Extroverts tend to be adrenaline junkies who seek stimulation and live for fun! (overgeneralization). While introverts seek pleasure in more tranquil activities and may enjoy their own company more so. 277 more words