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Why I Quit Facebook (For the Fourth Time)

As a self-proclaimed extrovert, it seems like Facebook should totally be my jam: friends, photos, stalking keeping tabs on acquaintances, the ability to “like” just about anything. 1,622 more words


FYI: Signs Of An Ambivert

You are not exactly an extrovert, but also not an introvert. So what are you? Chances are, you are an ambivert. So what is an ambivert? 10 more words

Duzon Life

Being an introvert - how people pity me

It never seizes to both amaze and amuse me how people perceive introverts. And even more puzzling is the fact that all though you try to reason with them that you are an introvert and you find solace in solitude, they still insist on giving you life advices on the lines of… 683 more words


SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 326: Extrovert/introvert

I mostly identify as an introvert, because I recharge by being in a quiet space, and I know that noisy and crowded places, like the mall, will tire me out quickly. 121 more words


Does Shyness Hinder Success in the Workplace?

A deeper look at workplace personalities and how they impact opportunities for advancement. 

Every workplace has its characters: the funny guy, the token nerd, the party animal—you all know who I’m talking about. 635 more words

Come. 11/20/2015

College is weird, weird in a really good way of course. One thing that I’ve really noticed since I’ve been here is how much time we spend with others. 203 more words

I did traditional "group things" by myself today and the world didn't end

Today I ate breakfast at the Village Inn (by myself) and saw The Peanuts Movie (by myself).

I thought it was going to feel weird doing these things that we usually reserve for doing in groups of two or more as a party of one, but really, it didn’t feel any differently at all. 233 more words