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9 Things Extroverts Need To Understand About Their Introverted Friends

1. They need space. Like…physically. Nothing makes an introvert quite as uneasy as someone who gets really close in their personal bubble. That doesn’t mean they don’t like affection, but like, you know, don’t stick your face in their face. 348 more words

Why I assign the group work that I hated as a student

Photo: Group presentation, by LBB Jauno speciālistu sekcija via Flickr.com, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

When I was an undergraduate, I hated group work.  As a professor, I assign it. 1,116 more words


Anything common between the distinct personalities?


– is what we see in this hugely small world.
Diverse businesses, diverse languages, diverse people and a great deal of diversity in their attitudes. 642 more words


5 Things About Ambiverts

Okay, so after writing 5 Things about Introverts and 5 Things About Extroverts, it has come time for me to talk about MY people: the ambiverts.  613 more words

5 Things

Extroverts and Introverts

Ah, introverts and extroverts. These two words are commonly used to quickly explain and categorize people, dividing people into two large groups and throwing them into their respective boxes. 1,439 more words

Introvert or Extrovert??

In my first post, I had talked about how I began writing in ” How it all Begun.“. I mentioned that I was a quiet person and one who is not as loquacious as most of my friends were. 765 more words

12 Everyday Struggles Of Being An Extrovert Who Also Loves Being Alone

1. Even when you’d rather stay in, just knowing that people are out having a good time will kind of bug you. You have a next level case of FOMO. 946 more words