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Book Review: The Roommate Book by Becky Murphy Simpson

The Roommate Book is fun and quirky. It isn’t so much a guide to anything. It won’t help you find a roommate or get along with your current roommate better if you have a roommate you don’t like but if you have a current roommate you love or you have fond memories of former roommates then this book is for you. 168 more words

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The Story of an Extroverted Introvert

Growing up, I was always a shy kid – didn’t talk much, was too scared to approach people. I always felt like that person that everyone knew of, but never really… 649 more words


The Introverted Extrovert/Extroverted Introvert

Who really gives a damn.

There’s a certain section of hell on earth for people like us. 1,432 more words


The Empathetic Moon

I’m scared. I guess really I’m terrified of some truths I’m finding out the more and more I read the book Quiet. I guess I’ve kind of already known some of these things, but I’ve always hoped that I was wrong. 1,226 more words


Stop searching and start speaking

I prefer talking to people on whatsapp and Facebook messenger rather talking to co passengers in odysseys.One day amidst of my journey to kharaghpur on train,I met a person who is a veteran Interior designer.He astounded me with his work samples.Our conversation went on for hours,i was dumped with hell lot of knowledge he has.He made me aware of many things which were alien to me before. 156 more words


Power in words, mighty in silence

“Somehow, we’ll find it. The balance between whom
we wish to be and whom we need to be.
But for now, we simply have to be satisfied with who we are.” ― Brandon Sanderson, The Hero of Ages. 356 more words


What happens when Attention Deficit Disorder grows up?

I recently took a trip to America, a trip I nearly didn’t take. My mother had just passed away the week before and all of my realities had shifted just a little. 1,351 more words