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The Galaxy and the Vortex; the World of the Introvert

HahaHA! So apparently, I can post here. Just thought I’d drop by and say hello with a little essay I wrote for my English Composition class this last semester. 2,564 more words


Déjame: The Self-Care That People Seem To Hate

I’m going to let you all into my life a little. I work a day job. I get up and go to work most days of the week. 941 more words

Story begins! "Can't talk, messenger only..." :D


Story begins! “CAN’T TALK, MESSENGER ONLY…” :D

(This was like all about their start that sounds like any whats app status! lol..)

Hey People… :) … 429 more words

A Guide for Living Well as an Introvert of Faith

Little Rock, Arkansas was the Sunday stop on the last leg of our cross-country trip. I don’t recall the denomination of the church we visited, but I sure remember its personality: the two-handed handshakes, the over-the-top meet-n-greet . 966 more words

Book Review

How to Seduce an Introvert

Introverts, they want love and attention too, to be loved. It’s a basic human need- it doesn’t mean consent has flown out the window though. Everyone needs personal space, time to be wooed. 878 more words

Santa & Social Anxiety

Here Timmy, sit on this strange man’s lap, who is based on the Norse god of war, referred to as “The Terrifier” and be good so he brings you a present or else, smile for the picture! 720 more words

Our MBTI's changed!

So on some whims, we decided to take the Myers-Briggs Personality tests again. We were surprised! You, too, can take the test over and over again, at 16personalities.com