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Beach People vs Mountain People!

By: Linda Lee

Men are from mars, women are from venus,‘ references the polar opposites of the sexes in general. Same goes for beach versus mountain people! 108 more words



Dear World,

How do I become an extrovert if I’m an introvert?

I can’t imagine losing the introverted part of myself, but sometimes when I look at extroverts I get jealous. 220 more words


Things I don't like about extroverts

As an introvert who just recently understood what the term means, I often wished I was more extroverted. However, as we don’t always get what we want in life, and almost everything in life is influenced by our temperaments, I have a hard time relating to some extroverts when… 106 more words


feeling like i don't belong at the party

Dear World,

Why do my friends insist on going to house parties when they know I spend the entire time wishing I wasn’t there?

No, sorry actually I don’t want to go to that house party. 156 more words


Life's a Beach (unless you're an introvert)

The Swiss AlpsĀ or Saint-Tropez? What’s your ideal vacation spot? Be careful in answering. You may just give away what makes you tick. Where we vacation, and perhaps even live, may depend on our personality types, according to new research by the University of Virginia. 175 more words

Eating alone in the crowd

I am hungry and I didn't  pack lunch. Because you know I haven't  cooked anything in about 2 weeks. But that's  a story for another day. 643 more words