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Nothing Wrong With Introverts

A lot of worry gets put around whether or not someone is introverted or extroverted. I Googled it and found tons of quizzes to tell if one is introverted. 471 more words

Mental Health Issues

Introverts vs. Extroverts

By Emily Schmidt

People act differently when in social situations. Many like to talk in big groups and don’t mind being in the center of attention, while others like to stay quiet and reserved, or maybe they only interact with a few people. 311 more words


Yoga and the Introvert-Extrovert Dichotomy

I was sitting at the table with my brother last night discussing how we are both Introverts. He said if he’s in a room with a pile of books paper and a few documentaries he can be happy for days and days. 437 more words

This Is Why An Introvert And Extrovert Make The Best Couple Ever

A lot of people talk about the differences between introverts and extroverts, but what happens when two people with opposite personalities start dating? Are they able to balance each other out — or do their differences inevitably tear them apart? 278 more words

Open Offices Are Here to Stay, Now What to do With All of The Noise?

As the open office debate continues, a few questions continue to be raised. How do we deal with the noise and distraction? Is it possible to have a collaborative and heads down environment in the same facility? 468 more words

Corporate Environment

Workspace: Why Taking the One Size Fits All Approach Doesn't Work.

Human capital is an organization’s number one expense.   The competition for top talent is becoming greater as the labor force is shrinking. Companies are finding it increasingly more difficult to not only obtain, but retain top talent.  559 more words

Corporate Environment

Your personality can affect your productivity—and salary

Why do some people earn more than others? Research backs up the idea that workers with higher educational levels and more experience have higher salaries. And economists would typically explain higher salaries with the argument that these workers are more productive. 705 more words