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The Fine Line

Lately there seems to be a lot of attention given to Introverts and their required “special treatment”. I’ve seen website upon website of instructions on how to treat introverts as if we are freaks of nature and somehow better than extroverts. 243 more words

Nail on the head

I’ve read a couple of articles today about introverts, and they are mostly accurate to a point.  The following are examples of how accurate some can be, these statements sum me up completely.   470 more words


My profession/opinion is better than yours...

I’m a businessman and I laugh at teachers. I am a millionaire and the teacher gets peanuts. I’m a teacher and I hate businessmen. All they think about is transactions i.e. 622 more words

Blog Redo...

Wow! There’s been so much going on these days and I’ve had so much on my mind lately. It’s very difficult to know where to begin as I set out to offer the first of many posts on this newly renovated blog (read: I’m archiving ten years of posts and am basically starting over.) 273 more words


The man who is a successful artist

Yes, they do exist!  I met one last night.

I came across The man who is a successful artist as I was sulkily browsing potential matches on OKC late, late at night.   611 more words


What Extroverted Moms do on Snow Days

  1. First thing in the morning, regardless of 10 foot piles of snow outside, or an inch of ice covering the roads, doublecheck the news to see if they *actually* cancelled everything on your schedule for the day.
  2. 225 more words

The Quiet Revolution

On my second year of college I came across a video on TedTalks titled: “The Power of Introverts”, by Susan Cain.

Seeing the term introvert associated with power was rather unusual. 462 more words

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