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There are times when I think -often aloud – “Sammy isn’t looking at me. He must be in the kitchen (where he does enjoy laying down.) But then this happens. 296 more words

What was/is life like without the internet?

BOC’s Response:

I am of the older generation that did not grow up with computers and the internet. We didn’t have video games or the fancy stuff kids these days have and that was ok. 1,126 more words

Where are the Introverts?

I wonder, is there room in this world for introverts.

Now that people are expected to market themselves like products.

What about the ones who prefer solitude every once in a while? 63 more words


Introvert VS Extrovert

I identify myself as in introvert. I prefer to stay in rather than going out with friends, I am absolutely terrified of making phone calls, and also do not like talking to new people. 213 more words


The Dilemma The Introvert In Me Faces

I started with the idea of writing a poem about it but halfway through I realized I suck at poetry. :P So a small paragraph it is then. 682 more words

The Quiet Uproar


She glides through, unnoticed, smoothly moving through the crowd. A “Hi” here and a “Hello” there suffices. Curt nods and abrupt handshakes disrupt her passage. 354 more words



FAKE, v. To pretend to be an extrovert in social situations, often through convincingly loud laughter, exaggerated facial expressions, and exhausting conversation.