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Introverts are leaders too

College is the extrovert’s paradise. From group projects to Greek Life to parties, stimulation is everywhere and it comes in large doses.

College is also the place where many students find their leadership roles. 468 more words



Just because you see me hanging upside down
doesnt mean I do.
Just because you don’t see me glowing doesnt mean I’m not -inside- burning. 52 more words

E, I, and EI, Oh!

I was lucky enough to have the company I work for pay to have our department go through DiSC training. DiSC is one of those personality tests, but the nice thing about it is that it focuses on group dynamics more than some other types of tests. 446 more words


We Need to Stop Comparing Introversion and Extroversion

I went college-touring with my family during the summer of 2015. The four of us — my parents, my sister, and I — traveled for a week along the east coast, visiting different schools for my sister. 1,055 more words


Introverts Need People, Too

“I think it fascinating that the introverted one needs people more than the extroverted ones, in a way.”

This is a comment a friend recently made on a story I wrote. 414 more words


When You're A Happy Person Who Secretly Struggles With Depression

You smile a lot. People meet you for the first time and often mention that. Your energy is infectious and full of joy. Your friends joke that you smile even when you shouldn’t. 315 more words

Never Underestimate an Introvert

Introversion vs. Extraversion: one of the biggest personality debates known to mankind. But what exactly does Introversion and Extraversion mean?

Many individuals may think that if you’re an introvert it means you’re quiet and an extrovert means you’re social. 578 more words

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