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I wish I knew about introversion and extroversion when I was a kid

And I wish I knew where I fall in the spectrum.

First-day-of-class introductions were my biggest nightmare in school. I only hoped I could skip it, or that my teachers would forget that I was even present…or existed. 670 more words


Trying to Understand Extroverts - Day 14

Seems only fitting to talk about extroverts the day after talking about introverts.

The explosion of discussion about introverts over the last 5 years has not been met by an explosion of discussion about extroverts; or, if it has, I have not seen this explosion. 976 more words


The Extrovertist Introvert

We have seen atleast one Extrovertist Introvert in all phases and spaces of our lives. He is the person who dances crazily all night in the bar but goes home to binge watch his favorite videos alone. 571 more words


Introverts unite...separately of course.

Five years ago, several of my friends and I began to gather each January for the purposes of working on various writing projects. Some of the women are published authors (our mentors) and others – like me – are novices. 367 more words


The Simplest Guide to Myers-Briggs Functions Ever

The most complicated aspect of Myers-Briggs personality types is also one of the things that makes it a useful theory. It’s the answer to criticisms… 704 more words


Introversion and subjectivity

‚ÄčIs our obsession with objectivity a product of an extrovert-dominated culture? The desperation to find one answer, the demand for proof and the tendency to reject anything that is not measurable seem extroverted in nature. 51 more words


6 Surprising Facts About Introverted People

This post was inspired by a colleague or pretty much everyone around me! I get called all sorts of names by people daily. My sister thinks I’m a recluse, others say I’m anti social & a snob sometimes while some think I’m weird. 619 more words