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13 Insanely Frustrating Things About Being An ENTP

Ah, the Myers Briggs personality types. They seem to be all the rage lately, so I figured if I really wanted to get my work published on Thought Catalog, I had better write something about personality type, and preferably do so in the form of a list with a minimum of 10 items. 984 more words

"Quiet" by Susan Cain: Part Two

Wanted to break this book into two posts (here is Part One of “Quiet”) to give anyone a little more time to process some of the concepts discussed. 1,128 more words


3 Pieces of Advice For The Depressed Extrovert.

We are invisible.

We live in a world where we are not easily seen or easily accepted.

We are stereotyped.

We are ignored.

Half of our heart yearns to be with people. 620 more words


"Quiet" by Susan Cain: Part One

In-depth look at the differences between introverts and extroverts. After reading this, I am undoubtedly and introvert. Moreover, this book helped me define my personality and provided some insight into how I can find happiness for myself. 1,136 more words


If you like us, why don't you hang out with us?

Introverts, it’s tough to be us. We go to grocery stores and think, “Ugh, why are there so many PEOPLE here?” in spite of the fact that we, too, are people. 489 more words

Amy Spahn

Simple living and extroverts – are we compatible?

I’m an extrovert to the max. No – it doesn’t mean that you find me the last one to leave at the work Christmas party, dancing on the table tops. 295 more words

Simple House

Aspects of Daily Life That Introverts Feel Guilty About

As seen on the Huffington Post

By now, I’ve lived life on both sides. Up until just a few years ago, I thrived on opportunities to be social, and was the picture of misery when my outgoing personality characteristics were not being fed and stroked by plans, phone calls, and general “happy hour” style adventures. 1,011 more words

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