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Are you a “tuner” or a “spinner?"

At first glance, “spinner” and “tuner” seem like another way of saying extrovert and introvert.

But the explanation of these terms offered by David Brooks… 392 more words

Dennis Sparks

Are You An Introvert, Ambivert, Or Extrovert?

“Spectrum (noun): a broad range of varied …so as to form a continuous sequence.” “Varied (adjective): tending to diversity, differing from the general, alternative.”

– Dictionary… 758 more words

Are You an Introverted or Extroverted Reader?

Do only introverts love reading? Spending hours, alone, with a book, does seem to be the perfect activity for someone who is satisfied spending a day with me, myself, and I. 467 more words

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Quiet: The Power to Tell Me to Shut Up

Extrovert -Or Am I?

I wanted to learn more about introverts because I’m not one. See there? That’s my Predictive Index -an assessment granted by my work to analyze our different personality types and help us work better together. 726 more words

Chemistry Of People

Reading People by Anne Bogel

I faithfully listen to Bogel’s podcast (What Should I Read Next) and read her blog (Modern Mrs. Darcy). It’s where I get half of my new books on my TBR list, so of course I am going to read her new book. 378 more words

Book Review

Is It Okay to be Content When Everyone Strives to be the Best?

I think about this a lot when the topics of finances and moving up the company ladder come up. It seems everyone is always talking about moving up to executive positions, to make six figures, to be the best of the best… 1,001 more words


What It Means To Love An Extrovert

Loving an extrovert means letting them take you out. Knowing that they will never run out of date ideas, that they will pour all of their energy into creating special experiences for the two of you to share. 907 more words