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What Scientists Learned About Cleaning up Oil Spills by Covering a Delaware Beach with Oil -- on Purpose

Most people don’t want to spill oil onto beaches. But after the disastrous 1989 Exxon Valdez spill covered the remote, rocky beaches of Alaska’s Prince William Sound with crude oil, Al Venosa was itching to do exactly that. 1,451 more words

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Ensign of death

My first tour of duty as a commissioned officer was at Coast Guard Headquarters, in Washington, D.C. Headquarters is a place most Coasties would be happy never to visit, let alone work. 583 more words

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Cheap-ass motel room

At 9 PM on a summer evening more than 26 years ago, I finished a 13-hour workday. This was a fairly standard day for a lot of Coast Guardsmen ordered to Valdez, Alaska, on short notice in 1989. 356 more words

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