SIN Breaks Encore VIC Siege on Queen Bikini's Exxotica; Phelony Siege Wavering

SIN has officially broken VIC’s siege on Queen Bikini’s city of Exxotica, marking the 18th break of the war for the military alliance. A view of the city shows that it is indeed gone, but a SIN provided proof of the siege break. 455 more words


SHARK-VIC Tries To Siege SIN in Fellandire Land Claim For 9th Time

The SHARK-VIC confederacy is once again attempting to raze a SIN city in its land claim, marching a new siege to an old target. The… 225 more words


[UPDATED] VIC's TURN: Invictus Unleashes 5 Sieges in SIN Homeland, Land Claim

Just days after SIN defeated two substantial SHARK sieges against Ayraelf in southern Gremont, just on the cusp of the SIN land claim, SHARK confederate Invictus has landed five¬†closely timed, coordinated siege operations against prime SIN targets in the alliance’s homeland, with four¬†of the cities placed directly in the land claim itself. 257 more words