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Eye Don't Like it, Eye Love It!

First off, I’m sorry about the title, I know it sucks, but I’m tired and don’t want to think of anything else… Anyways, today I want to focus on a newer product to LimeLight by Alcone called Eye Aspire. 101 more words


2 Weeks of Using Eye Cream - A Review

So before I began my skincare journey, I was only using moisturizer and applying it on my face once a day.  I know what you’re probably thinking, “how barbaric”.  193 more words


Miracle Worker for Eye Bags

Hey everyone

How are you all??

If you’ve read my Beauty posts, then you know I have bags under my eyes (thanks to my dad) and I do everything I can to get rid of them – I’ve literally tried everything! 163 more words


Ageing (un)well

I used to be a low maintenance girl when it comes to beauty products.  I started using baby cream when I was in 8th grade to get rid of the whiteheads on my forehead (oooh, that rhymes!) It became a ritual even when I didn’t really need them anymore.  253 more words


Masking the Problem

Bye-Bye Tired Eyes

Let me ask you something-do your eyes ever get tired from working on the computer all day or from posting on social media from your i-phone? 348 more words

Rid Yourself of Chronic Eye Bags

If you’ve noticed under eye swelling as you’ve gotten older, you’re not the only one. The phenomenon is common with increased age and all that it entails–including the breakdown of collagen and the loss of facial volume. 970 more words


New Items in the Wholly Holy Living Shop

I am remis in maintaining our Etsy shop. I have been distracted by so many things- life in general, 3rd trimester of pregnancy, winter homestead preparations, sick toddlers… Anyway… 154 more words