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Product Review: Fruits&Passion Eye Patches

Fruits&Passion “Smoothing Eye Patches for Tired Eyes”.

Hola, cats and kittens!

It’s time for another “Test Human” experiment! Tomorrow i turn 35 (yay!! birthday!), and I’ll admit that my one hesitation about getting older is seeing little sags and bags start to form around my eyes. 201 more words

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The Bags Under My Eyes

I survived my first week.

The first week back at school after summer break is extremely difficult. This time around though, it seems that it is going to be an even bigger challenge because I am taking harder classes, I am working part time at my internship and the lack of sleep is making me crazy! 473 more words

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Eye Bags

After being on vacation last week, returning to work this week was tough. Of course I have a zillion emails and a to-do list a mile long. 459 more words

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Bye Bye Botox – Say "HELLO" to Instantly Ageless

Banish those wrinkles, crows feet, frown lines and general tell tale signs of a life well lived with these little “MIRACLE” vials from the wonderful anti-ageing product developers at Jeunesse Global. 140 more words


Quick bags cure? Eyetreat Spa Masque Bar

So having just become a Mum, a solid block of sleep has been missing since April 2016!

I’ve always been one who likes at least 8 hours sleep, that can nap in the day given any opportunity. 421 more words


Going Under What's Under the Eyes

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA these past few weeks. Aside from training in a new treatment (which I’ll post about later), nothing exciting really happened… I’ve just been busy. 1,415 more words


Nerium AD Eye Serum is Amazing!

What can Nerium Age Defying Eye Serum do for you?  We are so happy with the results customers are seeing with the new eye serum.  This picture is a before and after with 10 minutes in between.   12 more words

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