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Goodbye Tired, Puffy Eyes! (Featuring 100 % Pure's Fruit-pigmented Eye Shadow and Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream)

Since the day I started working in the media industry, I’ve been already accustomed to sleeping late, or worse, not sleeping at all just to meet deadlines and accomplish my assignments. 464 more words


Eye Bags Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

What Are Eye Bags?

Eye Bags is the mild puffiness or swelling beneath the eyes and are usually seen as you age. As a life moves on, the eyes tissues weaken which are comprised of several muscles supporting the eyelids. 485 more words

Baggy Eyes


My amazingly talented cousin Claire, is the master-mind behind The Kitchy Kitchen.  It’s filled with wonderful recipes, lifestyle tips, and beautiful photography.  I am proud to be part of her monthly beauty series and now a part of her YouTube channel, … 57 more words


Product Review: CoverGirl Olay Depuffer Eye Concealer

My last favorite concealer was from CoverGirl Olay–the thick and creamy potted one that I find awesome in hiding my imperfections during sleepless nights. Sadly it was discontinued and the replacement hasn’t really reached Manila yet. 359 more words

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How to Remove Under Eye Bags Without Surgery

Bags under your eyes makes you look old and tired. As the face ages this gives the appearance of dark circle and eye bags. There are so many treatments in the market that claims to get rid of those under eye bags. 33 more words


When Sleep Just Don't Come

Let’s be honest: some days just suck. You’re tired, you’re sick, you’re sad, and the only thing you can really look forward to is that glorious moment when you can don those cozy PJ pants, rip back the bed covers and sleep like a log. 474 more words

Cool as a Cucumber

Cucumbers, known botanically as Cucumis sativus, are thought to have originated over 10,000 years ago in southern Asia. They were very popular in the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome, where the cucumber was used both as a food and for its beneficial skin healing properties. 319 more words

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