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What Causes Bags Under Your Eyes (Puffy Eyes)

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Get correct information on what causes bags under eyes and under-eye puffiness and some easy tips and tricks on how you can prevent it.

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Eye Bags

Eye bags are a telltale sign of exhaustion. They form due to fluid build-up under your eyes, which could be caused by several reasons, including lack of sleep, stress, allergies and, let’s face it, partying a bit too hard. 646 more words


Getting rid of eye bags

Eye bags, panda eyes, dark circles, whatever you call then, are the bane of my beauty life. Even if I get a full eight hours sleep and drown myself in water, they are still there! 489 more words


Thrifty Thursdays: Etude house haul

Hey guys!

Whenever I complain about my awful eye bags Divya always always starts raving about Etude House’s bright eyes patch. But I’ve never seen/even if I have seen I haven’t noticed this store before until recently. 182 more words


A serious case of FOMO

I have been personally victimised by FOMO this weekend.For those who don’t know , as Anna Akana taught me, FOMO is the fear of missing out. 560 more words


10 Natural Ways for Eye Bags Removal

As we age, the tissues and muscles around our eyes weaken, and common fats and fluids migrate down to our lower lids, leaving them puffy and swollen. 688 more words

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