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Eye Cancer Market 2018: Key Players are Novartis AG (Switzerland), Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Inc. (U.S.), GlaxoSmithKline Plc. (U.K.), Bayer AG (Germany), etc.

Eye Cancer Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~8.3 % during the forecast period 2017-2023. Eye cancer occurs when healthy cells in or around the eye change and grow uncontrollably leading to the formation of tumors. 773 more words

The Finish!

I did it! Not sure how? The heat was pretty unbearable. Crossing the finishing line was the best feeling ever. I ran slower than all my training runs and at no point seemed to be able to muster up any sort of energy to make my legs work. 1,072 more words

10 Days to go!

Firstly, apologies to people who are visiting my blog expecting it to be about eye cancer. It is usually, just at the moment it has turned into an obsession of a middle aged mum about running and marathons. 1,100 more words

6 weeks to go!

In six weeks time, it will be three years since I was diagnosed with ocular melanoma.  In six weeks time I will be having the dreaded MRI scan, which will tell me whether or not the cancer has spread. 880 more words

Spring has sprung

Walking my gorgeous labradoodle Barney in the park yesterday I noticed the crocuses were out and a surprising solo fat bee was spotted. It could only mean one thing…. 679 more words

How did we find it?

All in the Eyes

The question we get asked most often is: how we found the tumour?

Back story

I was convinced there was a problem with Charlotte’s eyes and vision from early on and spent many hours staring at her face, studying photos and videos of her and Googling symptoms looking for answers and/or reassurance she was okay. 1,322 more words

Know The Glow

Roll on the birthday season.

Normally I prepare for my November birthday in about September. Buying little presents for myself to put away -which I never do – and thinking about which restaurant to spend the evening in. 931 more words