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Regular Eye Check

So I had my eye check up yesterday.  There was no fear or anxiety attached to this appointment. More just a moan that I had to travel to Harley street in the rain. 889 more words

We were all strangers once

When I was first diagnosed with eye cancer, almost two years ago, I was desperate to meet others,  not just people with cancer, but specifically  with eye cancer. 989 more words

I Choose Life

On a  cinema trip with the kids recently, a trailer came on for Trainspotting 2. I sat there feeling quite nostalgic, as the film and actors seem to have grown up with me. 774 more words

Cloud cuckoo land

People who used to work with me will know, as I often said, I’m terrible at reflecting on my thoughts and feelings,  as I guess most people are. 795 more words

I'm not 'brown bread'

Just to reassure people I’m still here. Alive and kicking, maybe just a bit fatter after gorging on lots of delicious  food over the holidays. 686 more words

On losing an eye

Mostly, we don’t expect people with one eye to have a great time of it. Think of One eyed Willie in the Goonies In the 1980s right back to the Grey sisters of Greek Mythology who shared both an eye and a tooth. 230 more words


First Visit with Retinal Specialist

A retinal specialist examined me in September, 2015. At this point, I should point out that I am an active duty member in the U.S. armed forces and am very fortunate to have medical care provided. 288 more words