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Shortest blog ever!

All clear!

Got to go. Champagne needs drinking. Thank you for all your lovely best wishes.


It's not over

I wasn’t going to do another blog. I sort of felt that my eye being in remission was a happy ending so that I could just drift on with my life and not talk about it anymore.  965 more words

Hmm...I don't know.

Sometimes (most of the time) I sit at the keyboard unsure of where my blog is going. I feel I have only one sentence to write so it’s not really worth a blog, but then my verbal diarrhoea kicks in and I realise I’ve written quite a bit. 505 more words

Summer catch up

I’m aware it has been over a month since I last blogged. So put your feet up, it’s a long one. I’ve basically been enjoying myself on holiday and loving the summer with the kids. 1,372 more words

Macular Pucker

Issue: Case Study #1, 10th July 2016

Title: Macular Pucker                                                                       

By Khaw Yee Wen | Consultant Optometrist | Home & Work Optometry Care Sdn. Bhd. | 844 more words


Today I had a Facebook notification informing me that I had ‘memories to look back on.’ When it pops up I now always feel a little apprehensive about what it’s going to contain. 354 more words