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Slowly, Slowly

So slowly, slowly my sight is deteriorating. I know the signs that changes are happening now,  it is when I struggle to focus.  I find I can’t read without placing my hand over my bad eye. 705 more words

Cancer changed my priorities

Originally posted on No Sweat York, December 30, 2016

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer.

Then earlier this year, cancer struck again in a new form — breast cancer. 464 more words

For David

Sometimes you don’t want to write. Not about cancer anyway, it’s crap and depressing and I don’t feel it is a huge part of my life anymore. 655 more words

Regular Eye Check

So I had my eye check up yesterday.  There was no fear or anxiety attached to this appointment. More just a moan that I had to travel to Harley street in the rain. 889 more words

We were all strangers once

When I was first diagnosed with eye cancer, almost two years ago, I was desperate to meet others,  not just people with cancer, but specifically  with eye cancer. 989 more words

I Choose Life

On a  cinema trip with the kids recently, a trailer came on for Trainspotting 2. I sat there feeling quite nostalgic, as the film and actors seem to have grown up with me. 774 more words

Cloud cuckoo land

People who used to work with me will know, as I often said, I’m terrible at reflecting on my thoughts and feelings,  as I guess most people are. 795 more words