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​Understanding Your REM Sleep Cycle

To the naked eye, someone who is sleeping looks pretty much the same the entire time they are asleep. Closed eyes, light breathing, maybe a little drool… But what’s going on behind those eyelids is much more complicated than we can observe from the outside. 473 more words

Sleep Therapy Mask

What is Sleep Paralysis and How to Deal with It

Many people are afflicted with a scary condition known as sleep paralysis. These individuals wake up unable to move, and sometimes feel a presence hovering over them in the room. 429 more words

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I’ve purchased from BeautyMNL.com in the past and it is only now that I have the time to actually write about them.

This is my 3rd purchase and I decided to avail of their   105 more words

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Bargain Product Review: Sephora Lotus Eye Mask

I received this Sephora Lotus eye mask for my birthday from one of my best friends. You can get them at Sephora for $6 CAD and they have a large variety of types. 148 more words

Petitfee - Gold & EGF Eye & Spot Patch

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. As usual, it’s product review times again. Today I wanna share somethings that I have been using for quite awhile. 686 more words

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Item of the day: Eye mask from Typo

If you travel a lot and rely on eye masks to help you sleep on the journey, you’ll love these bad boys from Typo. They’re only £3.50 each so you should totally get one for different moods. 14 more words


Testimonial: Internal Bleeding of the Eye

“My father-in-law had internal bleeding on his left eye. I brought him to see the eye specialists thrice. The doctors told me there was nothing they could do to stop the bleeding as he was under warfarin (a blood thinning medication). 195 more words