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Eye Don't Like it, Eye Love It!

First off, I’m sorry about the title, I know it sucks, but I’m tired and don’t want to think of anything else… Anyways, today I want to focus on a newer product to LimeLight by Alcone called Eye Aspire. 101 more words


5 Beauty Regrets to Learn From Real Women

Yup, we always wish we knew what to expect in the future. If you still in your 20s or early 30s, read on to learn from women who wish they knew what to do to keep them youthful as long as possible. 967 more words


A by Bom Ultra Time Return Eye Serum

Good eye care products are a damn difficult thing to get hold of. Finding something that works for you can be really tough – especially when marketing these days would have you believe a cream or a serum can magically get rid of your hereditary dark circles, plump up your under eye bags, and turn back the clock by at least ten years. 1,274 more words

A By Bom

[REVIEW] The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

Though there are lots of controversy surrounding The Ordinary these days, I still have to review two products that I already purchased from them. Maybe I won’t purchase from them in near future unless they tidy up their problems and scandal, I think. 651 more words


The Best Eye Creams / Formulas, According to Me

According to the Internet, the skin around your eyes is more fragile and prone to dryness and can look old and show everyone you drank too much last night didn’t sleep well, and that’s why you need eye creams. 245 more words


Claim Eye Serum Reduces Signs Of Aging

Claim Eye Serum Reduces Signs Of Aging


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EyeWake 'Collagen Gel' Eye Serum Review

Hello and Welcome!

I really hope that your day has been amazing and you’ve achieved everything you set out to (even if you just wanted to have a relaxing day). 1,662 more words