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Day 69: The eyes have it

A few interesting facts about babies eyes…

Eye size: I had heard that the eyes were the only part of a baby that stays the same size into adulthood. 153 more words

Newborn Development

the eyes have it ...

Evolution trumps ecological influence in deep-sea fish

AN INVESTIGATION by UWA scientists into factors which affect eye size in certain deep-sea fish has found that eye size varies based on the individual fish’s evolutionary status, rather than ecological pressures. 22 more words


Are the eyes of giant squid unusually large?

Giant squid are arguably one of the most fascinating and enigmatic marine organisms. We just don’t know much about their natural history and morphology at all, and the little that we do know makes them even more interesting: their enormous size, their big eyes (only matched by the extinct ichthyosaurs in terms of absolute size), their preferred habitat at great depth, the epic ‘battles’ with sperm whale (see photo below). 745 more words


Sizing Spectacles

3. The frame size should be sized and in scale with your eye, face and body size.

Frames styles frequently change, but these general guidelines for a perfect fit always apply. 385 more words


Big eyes in deep divers?

I’m finally continuing my blog after being simply too busy over the last few months.  I want to resume with a series of small posts on the eyes and visual capabilities of marine mammals, because there have been a few quite interesting findings recently. 281 more words


Bigger eyes at high latitudes

There is a growing body of evidence that light levels have a profound effect on the evolution of eyes. Most of these studies deal with comparisons between different species, but now there is a new intriguing twist to the story. 638 more words


An optical illusion?

Zooplanktivory is one of the most distinct feeding niches in coral reef fish and many morphological traits have been interpreted as adaptations to feeding on plankton in the water column above the reef. 327 more words