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Making Colored Rice & 5 Fun Play Ideas

Supplies to make colored rice:


Ziploc Bags

Measuring Cup

1/4 measuring teaspoon

Food Dye

Uncooked Rice

Cup (optional)

Baking Tray

Step 1: I like to place my ziploc bag into a cup to make sure it doesn’t fall over.   400 more words

Arts And Crafts


Eye spy with multiple eyes…

…something beginning with “P”

Poets, Priests and Politicians


FOLLOW the train…

…the Eyes have it !



I have to admit that my Instagram stalker tendencies led me to today’s spotlight feature.Hes gift literally blew me away and I was so excited when he agreed to do this interview with me.I was even more excited when he told me that he is Zambian #Represent although he is currently based in Pretoria,South Africa.Yes guys apart from fashion,art has a special place in this girls heart(thought you had me all figured out huh, huh,huh?). 777 more words


Thinning veil

It must be getting closer to Halloween because everywhere I go the sounds of life passed is ringing. I wrote about seeing ghosts in San Diego last weekend but it’s not just there. 274 more words


Meet Cece Ndungu, an aspiring designer based in Manchester,England she is the creative being behind wardrobe vibes.A page I stumbled upon a month ago dedicated to revamping old clothes .When asked about how wardrobe vibes came about here is what she had to say… 319 more words


An interview with A.Monaie Designs

Someone once told me in order to grow one must target people who are at a much higher level than you are,people who have experience and have mastered whatever it is they do and then learn as much as you can from them.Today we are going to do just that as we get a chance to get into the head of an entrepreneur and find out,the challenges of owning a business,what to do about the fear of failure and…….. 1,005 more words