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Published Work

Well done to the students who had their work published in the newspaper Eye Spy.

Kirstie – Year 3

Noah – Year 5

Wayne – Year 3

Julia – Year 5

Dingli Primary School

EYE SPY (2016)

A film about a Private Eye that lives in Los Angeles and observes every little detail of the City of Angels.

This film was made during my final semester as a BFA 4 in the Film/Video Program at CalArts. 40 more words

Sara Celeste Martin

shoulda been me

I wanted to win.
It’s stupid and childish
I know, I get it.
And who fuckin’ cares, right?
But Got Damn It.

It was in the bag! 112 more words

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Shakespeare and Eye Spy, Oh My

Early Modern English:

This is a weird category a lot of people have problems with. The stuff in here is from the Rennaisance, so it’s not what most of you might consider “modern”. 693 more words

Playing "Eye Spy" with Middle English

Middle English

Middle English is a little bit odd. The Battle of Hastings happened where the Normans had officially conquered the Anglo-Saxons and their language we call Old English. 612 more words

Playing "Eye Spy" with Old English

Old English

The period we call “Old English” lasted from 450-1100 AD. The first version of the English language started when three Germanic tribes invaded the land we today call England. 492 more words

Find Magdalena

FADE IN: two surfers.

“I found this note on my phone that I never wrote.”

“What do you mean?”

“A notepad-note-thingie that said, ‘Things are getting interesting.’ Like, what the fuck?” 228 more words

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