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Food for healthy eyes

Nutrients are important to keep our eyes healthy. Many pieces of research have shown that antioxidants and other vital nutrients reduce the risk of macular degeneration, cataracts and several other eye diseases. 221 more words

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Basic Eye Safety by Dr Somdutt Prasad

An eye injury can dramatically change our lives. Hence, it is our duty to protect them from any sort of injury. Be it at work or home, we must ensure proper safety of our eyes. 245 more words

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Panic and paranoia

It’s been a bad couple of weeks on the eye paranoia front.  On a scale of one to ten (one = I don’t even think about my eye issues, and ten = ringing Moorfields and looking up train times whilst trying to breathe evenly in order to calm my pounding heart), I’ve probably been about a seven or eight this week.  670 more words

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Maine, Rain, Pain and The Strain

It’s been a bit of time since I posted but my chemotherapy recovery continues, slow but steady.  My hands and feet are still numb, and my thumbnail is hanging on by a thread, but I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from heading off for a short vacation in Maine that we planned way back in April.   407 more words

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How a Laser Surgery Will Set You Free!

Are you wearing glasses? Have you ever wondered how comfortable life would be without glasses? There would be nothing jutting down on your nose. No more watery eyes with thick glasses. 273 more words

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Dry Eyes - Causes, Symptoms & Treatment by Dr Somdutt Prasad

Dry eye is a common eye problem. In this infographic, Dr Somdutt Prasad explains the causes, symptoms and treatment of the condition.
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ReLEx SMILE As a Revolutionary Procedure

Along with the other innovations in the world, the industry of laser vision correction did not fail to keep up with it. Through time, a lot of changes have happened in the field of vision correction with the main goal of helping people with certain eye defects get the treatment that they need as well as deserve. 252 more words

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