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Important Facts on Cataracts and Knowing When to Get Cataract Surgery

According to a projected study, as much as 45.6 million Americans would be suffering from cataracts by 2050. As it is, the numbers are already halfway there with as much as 25.7 million Americans aged over 40 currently suffering from this condition. 98 more words

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Tips on How to Determine if Getting a Lasik Eye Surgery is for You

Do you often feel a headache coming on lately? Does it feel like you’re a bit more sensitive to light nowadays? Has your vision gone blurry—or blurrier than usual? 120 more words

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Important Details to Know Before Deciding to Get Laser Eye Surgery

As people age, the body becomes more vulnerable to wear and tear. Joints become rickety, memory isn’t as sharp, and vision becomes blurry. For these issues, there are different solutions that can be done to address them. 94 more words

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Wavefront Optimized LASIK Eye Surgery can Result in Sharper Vision

Those suffering from nearsightedness or farsightedness can have their vision improved by undergoing LASIK eye surgery. In a nutshell, this outpatient eye surgery procedure uses a laser to reshape the cornea, improving the way your eyes focus light rays onto the retina. 77 more words

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Vision Repair

Over the years, I have learned that reality does not always correspond to what I see with my physical eyes.  As a child oblivious to my own nearsightedness, I remember being completely shocked when I found out that what I saw on the blackboard was not actually what the teacher had written.   749 more words

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Assurance + Promise: Part I

In less than a week, the youngest member of our family, Shalom, will undergo surgery to straighten her eyes. She has had very poor vision and strabismic amblyopia, a condition which causes her right eye to turn inward, every since her first set of immunizations at 3 months old.   609 more words