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Elective hiatus

I haven’t been posting much about myself lately. This would be one of the uncommon exceptions. In about 12 hours, I will undergo surgery for cataract in my left eye. 575 more words


The dentist's ceiling

Nobody likes going to the dentist’s; it’s just one of those things in life that we have to grit our teeth and get on with .  757 more words

Retinal Detachment

Lasik Eye Surgery Over 40

The laser assisted in situ keratomileusis surgery, also known as LASIK surgery is a laser eye surgery employed in the treatment of astigmatism (blurred vision), hyperopia (farsightedness) and myopia (nearsightedness) 524 more words

Cornea Transplant - My Graft Diary

I thought I would start my diary with a little bit of information about Keratoconus and some background on myself.

Keratoconus (KC) is a progressive, noninflammatory, bilateral (but usually asymmetrical) disease of the cornea, characterized by paraxial stromal thinning that leads to corneal surface distortion. 997 more words

Cornea Graft

Twenty-Seven Contact Lenses Later

A 67-year old woman in the U.K. was recently found to have 27 contact lenses stuck in her eye. She went for a regular cataract eye surgery, and was unable to have it after doctors found the mass in her eye. 92 more words

United Kingdom

Mistakes to Avoid After Laser Vision Correction

Immediately after laser vision correction surgery, your eyes will feel gritty and watery for about three or four hours. During this time, while you are conscious of your eyes, it’s easy to remember that you have just come out of… 322 more words

Whirlwind Day of Appointments in Vancouver

A quick recap on my series of eye health posts. (Start from beginning here) In December 2016 I experienced a retinal tear in my left eye, which has left me with unstable vision. 766 more words