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Nearsightedness Control - Definite Treatment with A Good Corneal Specialist

As opposed to the conviction partial blindness or astigmatism is a reparable issue. It is created by over living up to expectations your eyes at close separation objects for an expanded period. 276 more words

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A Grand Day Out (...at Moorfields Eye Hospital?)

I decided I was going to bite the bullet and actually drive (BY MYSELF!) to Surrey in preparation for my appointment at Moorfields on Monday, so I was delighted when the day dawned grey and rainy.  1,339 more words

Retinal Detachment

How lasik surgery can change your life

For a lot of people in Sydney and around the world, wearing lenses and eye glasses have become more of a habit or a routine as this is the first thing they do the moment they wake up. 320 more words

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Operation LASEK

From most of the blogs, reviews, internet conversations I’ve seen (and believe me, being a bit of a hypochondriac, I’ve seen quite a few!!) it would seem that everyone who has had LASEK surgery had quite an experience during the recovery period. 1,229 more words

New Laser is Revolutionizing Eye Surgery

LASIK, the most popular vision correction procedure of the last decade, has a new rival. The “femtosecond laser” operates at one-billionth of a second. It sends short pulses to cut through the corneal flap so the surgeon can get in to reshape the cornea, while LASIK uses an actual blade called a microkeratome. 236 more words

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Getting to 20/15 - Laser Eye Surgery “Through My Eyes"

Well folks, that’s a wrap.

Today, I had the eye appointment that brought closure to an almost 6 month laser eye process. Filled with lights and darks, blood, sweat, and artificial tears; I’m proud to say that I now have better-than-perfect vision (20/15), just like Tiger Woods. 1,635 more words

My Happy Small World

Safety vs LASIK in Dubai

For patients the single most important factor guiding their decision to have LASIK in Dubai, is the safety factor. While they fear that there could be complications, this is a common dilemma that patients face, says the… 597 more words

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