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Lasik Eye Surgery

I finally did it! This is something that I had been putting off for awhile. I’d go through cycles where I’d look into every Lasik eye surgeon in the Los Angeles area, book an appointment and then chicken out last minute. 518 more words


What You Need to Know About Lazy Eye

Amblyopia, is a condition that is known as lazy eye. It is a common eye condition or a developmental disorder where the eye fails to achieve normal visual acuity. 573 more words

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A Prayer Not Forgotten

“Beth, you’re going blind.”

My optometrist’s words sank like a stone in my seventeen-year-old heart. He must have caught my utter dismay because he quickly went on. 398 more words

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Watch that makeup! When can make-up become hazardous to your eyes?

The Eye Surgeon in Dubai, explains that makeup and beauty products have the power to transform a person into a fashion model or a celebrity, while drawing extra attention to the eyes with eye makeup. 506 more words

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A vitamin a day keeps cataracts away

Age-related cataract is one of the primary causes of blindness in both men and women in the world today. There is no scarcity of naysayers who often criticize and downplay the many benefits of vitamin and dietary supplements, but clinical testing tells them otherwise. 493 more words

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