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Laser Eye Surgery - Freedom from Farsightedness

Hyperopia, more commonly known as farsightedness, causes the image of a close up object that is normally projected on your retina, to be projected behind your retina causing blurred vision. 554 more words


Laser eye surgery can correct refractive errors

Eyes are one of the most important parts of a human body and perfect eyesight is the most precious gift one gets. Now, due to certain known and unknown reasons many people experience various eyesight problems. 218 more words


The pterygium surgery

Post surgery

Pre surgery

I had resisted the surgery for way more than 15 years, yes fifteen, of which during those years the growth was not affecting my visual arc. 802 more words

Dietary dilemmas

After a member of the Retinal Detachment support group on Facebook gave us all the heads up that the question of whether certain foods or nutritional supplements could improve eyesight was going to be explored on the BBC2 programme ‘Trust me, I’m a Doctor’, I decided I’d better dust off the TV and  tune in.  877 more words

Retinal Detachment

Healthy food, Healthy eyesight

With these speedy working lifestyles, we require equally supplementary meals intake to meet the needs of the physique, to keep it strolling and healthful to avert disorders like… 333 more words

Eye Surgery

Lasik eye surgery- is it good for you?

If you are too tired of wearing contact lenses and eyeglasses, then for once or twice, you must have come across the thought of Lasik eye surgery in Arizona… 241 more words


LASEK: 9 Days Later

Last Tuesday, I went through with a decision to get laser eye surgery. Whilst I would have preferred to undergo the more modern LASIK, my thin corneas meant that I could only safely have LASEK surgery done. 886 more words