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New glasses

Had my annual eye check at my opticians. I think they found it a tad challenging having a double retinal surgery customer. My cataracts were the main problem as their simple instruments couldn’t really cope with the one in my right eye! 127 more words

Eye Surgery

Cataract list

I have always been reluctant to add the numerous trips to Cambridge – required for my cataract treatment – to the existing post-retinal-op appointments and discussed this at length with Mr Newman’s team. 124 more words

Eye Surgery

"Don't get a head trauma"

It’s relatively easy to avoid banned activities whilst posturing, despite the fact that posturing itself isn’t easy at all (see https://rdramblings.wordpress.com/2015/06/28/pondering-posturing/ if you’re wondering why not).  859 more words

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Your eyes re your health indicators don’t ignore them!

Eyes are the delicate organs that need a good care. They are the windows to the world it is impossible to imagine the life without them. 409 more words

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Pre-appointment paranoia

One of my eye buddies has a check-up appointment at his hospital tomorrow.  Last week, he made the following comment on the RD support group page on Facebook: 649 more words

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Lasik Eye Surgery | Laser Treatment for Eyes

Lasik eye surgery (Laser Assisted In-situ Keratomileusis) is a surgery that can help improve vision and reduce the need of glasses or contact lenses by permanently changing the shape of the cornea. 262 more words

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The power of... realistic thinking..?!

“Oh surely not!”, I hear you cry in consternation, as your eyebrows shoot up into your forehead and you shake your head in disagreement, “Everyone knows it should be… 850 more words

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