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The purpleJournal Podcast - Lions and Cowboys Edition

Not to say that it’s over, but…. On this edition of the Purple Journal Podcast (brought to you by SkolYourHome.com) the fellas from VikingsJournal.com and purplePTSD.com discuss the devastating loss to the Lions on Thanksgiving (Irony?), this Thursday’s game against the Cowboys and Zimmer’s impending eye surgery/sign that the Vikings are indeed, cursed. 99 more words

After The Appointment

I wanted to take the bus up to The Met but, before I realized it, I discovered I had walked most of the way and just kept going. 70 more words


"Man on the Moon" by Zella Day

“Under the covers, your body a maze
I couldn’t believe that, deep down inside
Two bodies glowing could light up the sky”

I couldn’t help but do this glossy-dreamy-paint look to interpret this song. 46 more words

Ashley Roe Photography

California Drea(MI)ng

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for all of you who take the time to read my blog and are invested in our journey just as much as we are. 1,239 more words

Eye, Eyeball (80)

Kanji: 目 (め)
English: eye, eyeball
Radical: eye 目

Memory Trick: None. I already know it.


eye, looking, eyeball, shifty, peering Gif For Fun

eye, looking, eyeball, shifty, peering Gif for Fun at your Time


'Monsters' Ball' Lush Bath Bomb

I’m reviewing another Lush bath bomb today. I had quite a stock of them but I’m now down to my last one, so it won’t always be bath bombs reviews. 368 more words