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Just Some Wholesome Conversation

I had drinks with a coworker last night. We talked about our families.

Me: “Once I overheard my uncle saying he liked having sex with girls on their periods because it felt like he was taking their virginities.” 28 more words

Avalon 3.3: part 4 of 6, The Giant of Transvaak

The giant roared. He tossed boulders at the village from a distance. Most struck the dirt and rolled to a stop. A few cracked against the stone huts and a couple of walls collapsed. 1,340 more words


Graffiti Colour

Colour Version of Graffiti posted as requested by thegreyeye!
As it is a little bit blurry I added a bonus picture taken from the same graffiti filled stairwell!


Eye Intimidation

Being stared at is uncomfortable. Being stared at by a giant eyeball would probably be even worse. This post is dedicated to all of you who stare at people as they walk by. 9 more words



Today I made an eye-ball. It’s a thing of nightmares, but it was all about the learning. After a while, I was just having fun. I might even add more eyes. 234 more words