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Après Appointment 3

All of this sketching took me by surprise. I was convinced I wasn’t in the mood. Anyway, I left the contemporary galleries and as I was passing through the Print corridor I walked into the Alex Katz exhibition and did a quick look-see and was about to walk out. 120 more words


Après Appointment 2

Finished with Gauguin I resumed wandering until I encountered a Picasso I’ve been wanting to copy. Fortunately I still was gripping my gridded notebook. I think I was standing to close to the painting and that’s why I wasn’t able to fit the other figure on the page. 54 more words


Après Appointment 1

This time I used my brain. It was a very hot day so I took the bus up to The Met instead of walking and committing suicide by heatstroke. 93 more words



The usual suspects.

Going here and there, same as me.

My last stop was the room with the low mirror smack in front of the chair. 42 more words


Pre Appointment

I drew these two on a paper napkin while having breakfast in Penn Station. Two separate one-line drawings that I combined into one in iPat. The napkin was all rough, cheap, nubby and photographed badly so I had to play around a lot in order to get a decent background. 69 more words


Eyeball Bracelet

One of the most simple accessories I have put together is my eyeball bracelet. In fact, the only thing I had to do was add the clasp. 56 more words