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Google Patents Electronic Device That Would Be Injected Onto Your Freaking Eyeball — Gizmodo

Well played Skynet, well played…

Merging biology with electronics isn’t a question of if, but when. Some enterprising biohackers have even decided that the time is now.

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What Would I Do Without Them

Who? The commuters, of course.

At first he was placidly reading his newspaper but as soon as I started sketching he got all twitchy and squirrelly so I shifted my attention to the lady above. 102 more words


An eye for an eye

It was October when I made these babies. I wanted to make something that was darker and a little spookier then I normally make. These eyeballs were perfect. 32 more words


In The Waiting Room

He looked too relaxed to be a patient. And I didn’t have enough time to finish.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Procreate and Sketch Club (ArtRage used for texture only)


The Guy Piqued My Interest

I was eating breakfast, reading and listening to my music before I got on the subway and headed off for an early appointment. The old guy, with a coffee, sat down with two 20-ish guys, each of which had only a yogurt. 117 more words



i did some montage work with some photos i took of my friend zoe and a photo i took of my eye to just make something different, i also inverted one of the photos in black and white to create a weird creepy effect.