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The Desperation For New Glasses

A lot of things has happened since my absence on thus blog but the thing that has been bugging me the most (besides my mock exams but I’ll touch up on that in another post) is my glasses. 228 more words


Our IPA is to avoid the path pharmacy took!

A visit to my local Walgreen pharmacy displays the enthusiasm and energy of it’s professional staff…..

What’s your dream?


Fabulous Find: Eye Buy Direct

Hello stylish members of the web! The Dufour Dream Closet has been out of commission for over a year, that will take up a post of its own, but it’s high time to get back at it. 757 more words


GlassesShop.com // REVIEW & DISCOUNT CODE! *

I’m sure most glasses wearers can understand the pressure in selecting the perfect pair of glasses in such a short amount of time whilst optitions are standing over you waiting to see their next patient. 203 more words


Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of Wherever I Left My Glasses

One recent morning, I became a grown-up: I attempted to remove glasses from my face that were already in my fist.

For those of you who are lifelong glasses-wearers (it is almost 40 years for me), you know that there are several distinct methods of removing eyeglasses—and, even better, there are several non-verbal messages that can be communicated in the manner of their removal. 689 more words

Daily Prompt

Eye Candy: Eye Society PH holds VIP Shopping Event

Sense of sight is a gift from God. It allows us to appreciate all that is beautiful around us; grants perfect interaction with our loved ones; helps ensure our safety, and makes it possible for us to engage in different day-to-day activities that are vital in our holistic development.  842 more words


The bookish artist

THIS MAN is an artist who’s been roaming our mountaintop streets for years. I do not know his name. At times he totes his work with him, out and about, and it can be quite large. 240 more words