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RapidLash for Longer Eyelashes

I am always skeptical of products that claim to lengthen or thicken. But, when my mother-in-law told me about a product that made her eyelashes return to the length of her childhood, I had to try it. 158 more words


$10 Lash Extensions

I have been wanting to give these a try for quite some time now. I was not about to spend hundreds of dollars for my lashes when I didn’t even know if I could tolerate them lol. 355 more words

At Home

I got eyelash extensions!

I am all for saving time when it comes to getting ready in the morning and if I can come up with a solution that allows me to snooze my alarm one more time then I’m happy. 385 more words


For Stronger, Softer, and Longer Eyelashes.

I had never heard about this brand until 2 weeks ago, while I was “beauty shopping”. The seller at the “all-natural” boutique store, gave me a detailed explanation about the brand’s philosophy and its products and I absolutely fell in love with… 310 more words

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Asian eyes+Eyelash extension=double eyelid?

Many of asian has no folded-eyelid. And they want to get it so some people get plastic surgery to get double eye-lids.
Here`s pictures I posted is a example of before and after have double eye-lids but DID NOT GET SURGERY. 116 more words

Asian Eyes