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Pen and Ink Eye Makeup Drawing

This here is a simple pan and ink drawing that I did back in the 7th grade. I was mainly focused on the quality of the eyeliner and lashes rather than the quality of the actual technical parts of drawing an eye, but it was fun to do. 21 more words


Lash Lifting, Tinting & Semi-Permanent Mascara

What is Lash Lifting? Lash Lifting uses your own natural lashes to lift them at the root and create a natural-looking lift. The lashes will appear longer and the eyes more open. 68 more words


Review: KIKO Milano Unmeasurable Length Fibers Mascara

The makeup addicts I know will get it; every time you say “I’m not buying any more makeup until I get paid”, there’s a sale. In this case, it was KIKO Milano. 378 more words


My Eyelash Extension Experience - bqbhearts BEAUTY

Hello beauties!

Today I am going to tell you all about my experience with eyelash extensions. First, a little lash-background: my lashes are long and curly, but they are pale blonde (like my brows and hair), which requires me to wear mascara every day if I wish to look even remotely awake. 821 more words


Spring /summer 2017 makeup trends

Hi everyone;

Makeup has always been a trend over the last few decades and women follow the trends over and over again to give themselves a new look to grow confidence and bringing in new look.  245 more words


Lilly Lashes

About two days ago, a little package came into my mailbox, and my long awaited little item was finally in my possession. For those who follow me on Snapchat and Instagram, you would know that my Lilly Lashes were what I received. 314 more words


All About Eyelash Extensions

Guys, I’m obsessed with eyelashes.  As in, I have very light, unremarkable eyelashes that when left to their own devices, blend into my face and make my eyes disappear.   624 more words