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The Eyelash Secret

Eyelashes function as a protector from debris. Much like a cat or mouse’s whiskers, lashes are sensitive to touch, thus providing a warning that an object, such as an insect or dust mite, is near the eye, which then closes reflexively.  245 more words


How I Get My Eyelashes to Look Full

We all have features we think are our best qualities and our worst. Most of the time we are way to hard on ourselves but for me it is my eyelashes that give me trouble. 147 more words


Pop Of Colour Eye Look  

There’s a massive trend of using neutral, bronze and warm tones on the eyes. I wanted to add something a bit different to this trend and incorporate a pop of colour that you could wear day to day too. 368 more words



playful daffodil 
always the flirtatious one  

batting eyelashes 



Do you really know what’s in that mascara you use?? I switched from a very popular mascara that made my tiny lashes long when I had it on but made them break off, fall out and was painful even to wear. 41 more words

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Lash Approval Alert: Cosmic Beauty

Cosmic Beauty has four signature lashes that will last for your the rest of 2017! Most do not know this tip, but you can in fact re-use lashes as long as you are consistent with cleaning and caring for them. 252 more words

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