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Week Fifteen

The Girl with the Eyepatch

​I always remembered her because she was the girl with the eyepatch.

As a baby, she’d had boiling tea spilt into her eye. 333 more words

Something beginning with F...

Spring is here. Daffodils are popping up all over, the mornings are lighter and the dawn chorus is glorious. Our pond has had a few pesky, unwelcome visitors recently including a heron and a fluffy grey cat but we also have some very exciting news. 267 more words


Monkeying around.

Everyone Meet Sam. Sam is Samuel’s favourite monkey. He was lovingly knitted by Samuel’s Great-Grandmother, Sheila. Sam has been on lots of adventures with Samuel and is beginning to look a little, er, loved. 269 more words

Saturday Morning Thoughts.

Saturday morning, Isaac and Samuel are in the conservatory happily sketching away on blank patches. Samuel is excitedly talking about his ideas for the next batch and Isaac is listening to what his brother would like. 414 more words

Aliens on Eyepatches

One of Samuel’s all time favourite books is Claire Freedman’s Aliens Love Underpants, what little boy wouldn’t love a book about aliens and pants? In October we decided to draw lots of Isaac and Samuel’s favourite book characters on their bedroom wall and there’s a cheeky green alien in bright orange pants in the middle. 77 more words

Dr. Seuss

The Cat in The Hat. What a brilliant book. Isaac and Samuel are fairly new to Dr. Seuss and his work but have already decided that The Cat in The Hat is one of their favourite books. 110 more words


Strauss is tiny and slants to his left. He is a tent builder by trade and design all of his tents in a wasteland. He would sift through garbage and collect fabrics and zippers. 46 more words

Plush Toy