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Vincue’s set for the epiphany *-* i love it so much, also thankyou fluffy for the amazing set :3

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Head –  54 more words

Another Test Comic

This is the second comic I had for testing some new materials. Nothing too exiting, just a little explanation as to why Nihil doesn’t wear an eye patch later in the story.


Cute, smart and alert.

I woke up today and had to pull apart pallets. As I’m typing this, I’m wearing an eyepatch. There is no correlation between the two events. 272 more words


Eye See

This morning, I put on my eyepatch.  I like to think of myself as an interdimensional data pirate, so this pulled me into the role while pulling all of my dualities into a singularity point.   372 more words

The Week of Radical Rest and Rock N Roll

Radical rest? WTH is that you ask? It’s what I have to do when a big activity is approaching. In this case it is EPIC so I am hunkering down with Netflix and a good book. 240 more words


Burgling in Moria

Recently, I rolled a new burglar on the Arkenstone server. After spending the points to Veteran Status him out of the intro and then spending some time playing paper dolls to find just the right outfit, I took him to the Shire, where I decided to filter off a bunch of things in the map and radar as a challenge to see how far he could get without getting into combat. 164 more words


Week Fifteen

The Girl with the Eyepatch

​I always remembered her because she was the girl with the eyepatch.

As a baby, she’d had boiling tea spilt into her eye. 333 more words