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self portrait eye patch

I always wanted to be a greaser rockabilly pirate. My dreams are almost complete.


My Pirate Collection

These are some sketches I did for a logo project.

7 more words


“Hottest day of the year and I’m spending the day in doors, in the dark with one eye strapped up pissing water out of it. Yes I’m complaining”

“You know when you decide to be a good dad and not go out on your bike but take your son out of nursery for some dad and lad time instead and then he stabs you in the eye blinding you and then your eye swells up so much it won’t open so you have to ring your brother in law to pick your nice son up and you can’t go to the bank to get the cash out you need to buy a new car tomorrow so now you’re flapping that you won’t have a car when the hire company take the courtesy car back and you won’t be able to get to work and they sack you and you lose your house?