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Eyes on the Prize

We are all one in this world, but we are also individually unique, each with a different purpose on this planet. Once I realized how much time I spent comparing my success and myself with others I had to stop.

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Life & Success

Bite-Sized Motivational Quote- Interest vs. Commitment

Interest helps you form your goals, commitment ensures you achieve them. With 219 days remaining in 2017, what are you committed to achieving? Whatever it is, just know that you can do it! 7 more words


Cutting Through the Static

We’re often told to stay on the path. Avoid distraction. Maintain focus. Keep our eyes on the prize. I won’t dispute that these pieces of advice are apt reminders, but the real challenge is putting the prospect into practice. 289 more words

Thoughts On The Life Of One

Episode #38 - Don't Look Back

Focus on your goal. Keep moving toward your goal. That means don’t get stuck looking backward at an old situation or a “it used to be done like that”.  83 more words


Jon Else: Not Your Grandma’s Civil Rights Strategy

Whose Streets? (Then and Now)

On a glorious afternoon in August 1963, after the massive March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom wrapped up on the national mall, President John F. 3,650 more words

Opinion Leaders

Keep your eyes on the prize

Out of my hands

The morning stillness

After the hurricane

A calm so deep

So silent

It numbs

All now beyond my powers

My long journey pivots… 33 more words