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LOVE this video...

Ready for another video having it’s “eyes on the skies”? I AM so excited because it is my thought that after human consciousness rises in vibrational level (see… 47 more words

Are UFOloging With Me?

I admit it.  I succumbed to all the blog buzz last night and tuned into NatGeo’s new show ‘Chasing UFOs”.  I don’t consider myself a believer…more like a healthy skeptic.  471 more words


December: A Sky Filled with Little Treats

I seem to not do well at those cookie exchanges. 

You know, we millennials are notorious for being lazy when it comes to food.  So, what normally happens is that somebody from my generation buys a bunch of those sugar cookies in a can (the ones that peel off and have that design in the middle, usually a Christmas tree) leaving them as the only ones left by the end of the evening.  765 more words

Eyes On The Skies

Eyes on the Skies: My First Telescope

I suppose that there was something of a sibling rivalry when my brother bought his telescope.  Growing up, he was the one who would save and save until it seemed like he would never buy anything again, and then surprise my family with a large purchase.  253 more words

Eyes On The Skies

Retro Rocketships: The Exhausted Space Race Runners

Hey, kids.  When I was born, the USSR was still doing business.  It wasn’t until I was four years old that the union disbanded, but the maps didn’t change for a while afterward.  952 more words

Eyes On The Skies

Eyes on the Skies: Where's Saturn? (impress your friends)

As spring moves into summer, there’s a shift in the constellations.  The bold and easily identified constellations of Orion, Taurus, the Pleiades, Gemini, and Canis Major (the big dog) set into the west and the sky is freshly decorated.  308 more words

Eyes On The Skies

Eyes on the Skies: Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! 

Finally the day has come: the peak of a meteor shower is upon us.  What’s special about the Eta Aquarids?  They are the dust and debris broken off from famous Halley’s Comet!  319 more words

Eyes On The Skies