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10 Films for Projection

Need some influence for your next astral travel?  These 10 films are sure to open your third eye!

High Plains Drifter

A stranger makes his way into a mining town (Largo) located within the ocean’s view.   323 more words


Edge of the Wind

The air moves

In ways strange

It doesn’t explain

The winds change

From gentle to gale

From rushing to ripple

And I feel the urge… 132 more words


Book Review: 'Kubrick's Game'

Plot:  Three UCLA films students get caught up in an elaborate game created by none other than master director Stanley Kubrick.  Despite over a decade and a half having passed since Kubrick’s sudden death, the maverick director’s puzzle becomes more and more intricate as each new clue reveals itself.  1,122 more words

Random Geekness


We live like rats,
So don’t be surprised
When we vote like ones.
We get high on waste,
And praise gods in headphones
While we stink of corruption. 64 more words


What theatre and orgies have in common

“A lacklustre orgy suffers from all of the same problems as boring theatre. People go through the motions, they do what’s expected, they make the sounds they’re supposed to make, but it’s really not as surprising or exhilarating as you hope or imagine it will be. 130 more words



Cool People

Eyes Wide Shut review; Degrees of transgressions

Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut is an interesting watch. The film has a distinct duotone feel to it. The rudimentary and routine life in the city contrasts the eerie and ritualized sexual escapades. 572 more words