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Don't Be Ridiculous

Have you noticed the longer one lives, the more ridiculousness one experiences? And by one I mean me. Naturally, you wouldn’t know how much ridiculousness I personally encounter because you don’t know me. 590 more words


Watch the Iron Throne: Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 1 Power Rankings

In this safe space of ours here, let’s admit something: Game of Thrones can be a confusing show to follow. Just heading into Sunday’s premiere I had dozens of questions that only divided and grew after the episode: Who’s mad at who? 1,456 more words


Movie reviews: Kubrick's films ranked (part 1)

Heeeeere’s Franz!

So this is my worst to best ranking of my favorite directors films, Stanley Kubrick. I may start doing this as a series, depending will anybody like this. 1,042 more words


Nicole Kidman Gets Slammed.

And no. I’m not talking about Eyes Wide Shut. What the hell was that movie about anyway. Never watched it, never will. I don’t need that in my memory bank, Mariah Carey’s movie was a traumatic experience enough. 224 more words

Tempted Premiere Thursday.


       The young austrian princess was vowed to the future King of France, Louis XVI. The marriage arranged, Marie-Antoinette moves to Versailles, in the extravagant royal apartments. 192 more words

Premiere Thursday.

A Dream is a Wish Your Sinful Heart Makes: On "Eyes Wide Shut", Wish Fulfillment, and Monogamy

(Author’s Note: This paper was written for my Film and Dream class. My professor liked my cover page.)

In this gigantic mansion, practically a wet dream for those turned on by wealth porn, cloaked and masked figures stand by the perimeter, watching as Dr. 1,588 more words