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Michel Chion and Eyes Wide Shut

Film and film criticism have been a huge part of my life, I’ve been watching films intensely since I was five years old, starting with Robin Hood swashbucklers. 878 more words

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A 3+ hour Kubrick Konversation

There’s a lot of fine movie podcasts around the Internet, and last week I managed to find myself on one of them.  It’s a show called the… 194 more words

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…and I still can’t sleep 

Doesn’t it ever stay, must it always fade away. Abandonment returns to haunt me again. I don’t know who to blame you or myself for letting you get to me. 166 more words

Eyes Wide Shut


Boring it’s such a weird word. Boorriinng. B-O-R-I-N-G what does it even mean? I was called boring before and I’m sure you were called boring before or thought of someone as being boring. 402 more words

Eyes Wide Shut

TTT - Stanley Kubrick

No other director, past or present, has attracted the same amount of critical and cult acclaim and such rabid fans. No other director, or perhaps person has had so many urban legends and speculation written about him. 2,100 more words


Red love

Mr. Capricorn

Im guessing you’re going to be in a lot of my blogs
Hmm where do I begin.. Ok so this is going to be a very deep side of myself that I haven’t shown anyone, not even my best friends… We met I fell in love with a gentle yet strong side of you. 798 more words

Eyes Wide Shut

The Year was 1999: Why I Believe 1999 was the Best Year for Film

My father and I often have a debate on what year was the greatest year for film. He, being a man of his age, sticks to the classic 1939, and who is to say that 39′ wasn’t the greatest year for film. 788 more words