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I Like Them Crazy

As a man, you tell yourself that no woman is too much to handle. The boys need to know that alpha female is a made up concept. 553 more words


Greeting My Muse

My day begins,

eyes upon, sub-conscious recall,

the immediate wonder of rains,

a sort of cascade in spectacular blues,

laying alone,

I do imagine pleasantries that begin, 94 more words


Coloréssence Kajal Review

Hello everyone!

Kajal is a must have and your go-to makeup to brighten up an otherwise dull face. We are so obsessed with it that not wearing it for one day makes people wonder if something’s seriously wrong with us! 248 more words

Nightly Inspiration

Inspiration wreaks havoc on my sleep
Thoughts race through that I try to keep
Seeing what enlightenment I can reap
Before blackness on my eyes does creep… 34 more words


By the light of the lighthouse

“So, you, see, ghosts?” Ahmed twiddled with the can in his hands. Beside him, Rochelle sipped at hers quietly. He heard her sigh slowly.

“Yes,” she bit the rim of the can. 1,350 more words


Thank you!

Today, you are 100 bloggers who follow my blog (223 on facebook! Wow!) and I am very thankful! It’s really nice for me to share my work with you, to get feedbacks and get inspired by your own work (ok, I follow way more people than people follow me, I admit… Hehe!). 29 more words