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In deep water

I drown in your eyes

because I’ve yet to learn to swim

in their deep waters

© Lize Bard @ https://wandererhaiku.wordpress.com/

African Haiku

Impromptu 3. Sus ojos | Her Eyes

De pronto, y ya resignado,
aparecieron como flechas
lanzadas por un arco infalible
… sus ojos.

Y, atravesando los míos,
su fulminante mirada
alcanzó su tierno y pulsante objetivo… 77 more words


L'Oréal Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara Review


Gives longer lashes.


Doesn‘t give my lashes enough volume.


I was out travelling, had forgot half of my make-up bag at home (not an excuse to buy more make-up hmm hmm promise), and since I had, had good experience with L’Oréal mascaras in the past, I thought I should give this one a shot. 118 more words


Avatar under L550?

I haven’t done one of these blogs in awhile but those on a budget and can’t afford all the expensive bodies & mesh heads.  Here’s a little guide on how to achieve a look and not appear like a noob. 165 more words


My Favorite Body Part

As I read today’s prompt, I realize now it’s also rather giggle worthy as to what someone might come up with. Despite all the various and nefarious options available, I have to say that eyes are definitely my favorite part of a person. 436 more words


Not Alone

Part 3

She’s now lost in the darkness of the blue forest that lies beyond that old run down town. The wind pushes her frail body to this one spot and the only thing to be seen is the single bright light that escapes the clutches of the dark leaves high above her head. 389 more words




I was only running,

Thinking it would be better on the other side.


that was all,

I was sure that it would all be ok. 141 more words