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Garden Therapy

Moving back to CA, one of the things I was most looking forward to was having a balcony.  A balcony allows me to have two very important things: … 1,103 more words


Bruins, birthdays, and BBQs

Saturday was sponsored by the letter “b” apparently. 

Kyle and I woke up at 7 am to get in a morning jog.  I hate working out early in the AM, but I love how it frees up the rest of the day.  So conflicting.  The reason I don’t like rise-and-shine cardio is because I suck at it.  I’m slow in the mornings.  I don’t really start to function until an hour (or two, if I’m being honest) after I’ve been awake.  The route I took Saturday morning typically takes me 24 minutes (when I do it in the afternoon).  At 7:15 in the morning, however, it took me 31 minutes.  That’s a pretty big difference for a 3ish mile run.  I told ya – it takes my body a while to warm up.  Without coffee to grease my gears, I just feel slow and my joints feel creaky.  … 1,243 more words


Too busy to break the fast

As promised, I had a chocolate-y delicious Amazing Green concoction for dessert Wednesday night.

Notice the blender top?  Yes, I went for a more ambitious drink, and blended in… 534 more words


chickpea cookies

Are you scared of the title?  Haha…don’t worry, I haven’t gone quite that hummus crazy (yet!).

But I did bake a batch of falafel today, which looked pretty damn similar to (how I would picture) chickpea pastries.  … 543 more words


I is for Insomniac

You guys are SO hilarious!  I love that so many people noticed and commented on the lack of hummus (gasp) in my previous post, I literally laughed out loud.  Apparently I have a trademark that I wasn’t aware of until now.  Well, if it helps you sleep at night, I made up for it with a… 445 more words


Cafe Blossom success, sleep fail

Talk about karma.  Sleeping in ‘til noon yesterday backfired hard core last night!  Neither Kyle nor I could fall asleep, and as we watched the hours on the clock tick by, we finally decided enough was enough…so we got back up at 2 am and watched some tv.  Sleep FAIL. 596 more words


12/17 such sweet sorrow

So this is my last bag of produce for at least a whole month. I’m trying to be brave about it. I bought some extra stuff from the online store to keep us going. 559 more words

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