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López y Rivas: Video for Level 2 of the Escuelitas


By: Gilberto López y Rivas / III

Students of the Zapatista Escuelita (Little School) that hope to pass the second level had access to a video more than three hours long, a significant part of which demonstrates the less known history of the EZLN: the history of the years prior to the 1994 Uprising. 949 more words


Escuelitas Zapatistas, an invitation for us to organize

By Carolina Dutton

The EZLN, through its Sixth and International Commissions, will announce a series of initiatives, of a civilian and peaceful character, to continue walking together with the other Native Peoples of Mexico and the whole continent, and together with those who, in Mexico and in the entire world, resist and struggle below and to the left.” 1,385 more words


A Reflection and application from the Second Escuelita

“TRYING ON A SHOE, OR CLOTHES:” A Reflection and Application from the Second Escuelita

By: Todd Davies

“Por eso decimos que somos muy otros, muy otras, nosotros, porque es que vamos como si fuera el zapato, la ropa, se mide uno si le queda o no le queda pues, prueba, y si no hasta que encuentra la que sí le queda pues. 1,064 more words


Ejido Morelia: the Army's impunity

By: Miguel Angel de los Santos*

In January 1994 an internal armed conflict began in Chiapas, when the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN, its initials in Spanish) declared war against the Mexican National Army and took various municipal capitals. 588 more words


Looking to the horizon: Three generations of Zapatista children

August 13, 2015

This study represents a succinct and reflective investigation into a number of historical experiences in which the main actors are children in Zapatista communities. 2,496 more words