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Ezra Klein: Why We Should "Normalize" Impeachment

Ezra Klein explains why impeaching Donald Trump doesn’t require him having committed a crime. Lawrence O’Donnell says ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ means whatever the Senate says it does. 22 more words


The Dangers of Normalizing Impeachment

Ezra Klein has a lengthy piece about impeachment and why he thinks it’s something we ought to be employing a bit more. (“The Case for Normalizing Impeachment,” 1,456 more words


Why didn't we stop him?

My routine Monday through Friday is pretty much the same everyday, I wake-up, take a shower, get dressed, let the dogs out, drive to the convenience store and buy a Diet Coke, sit at my desk, turn my computer on and see who Trump has offended today. 688 more words

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Woody Guthrie: A Life (Klein)

I started this to get myself in the mood to teach Steinbeck, but I think I got more than I bargained for. This biography is just too long, especially when Klein quotes (at length) some of Guthrie’s more sexual letters. 134 more words


we're the butt of the joke, and we don't care

Please watch the videos as they are part of the post!

As a blogger in the United States, it would seem negligent to avoid the topic of the recent shooting in Las Vegas. 687 more words

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The Defensive Crouch

This much berated tweet really gets to one of the basic assumptions that underlines so much unfortunate political thinking. Klein’s idea seems to be that Sanders, by releasing his Medicare For All bill, is giving Republicans something to attack instead of being forced to defend their own Graham-Cassidy abomination. 324 more words

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Trump Wants to Yell, Whether You Listen or Not

These words from Chris Hayes, quoted by Rod Dreher, sum up Trump’s reluctance to do the work of governing that many presidents have sought the highest office specifically to do: 294 more words