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Meir Ezra's Guaranteed Prosperity - New Dimension To The Business

Meir Ezra is a successful and well-known Israeli entrepreneur who has created business opportunities for a number of aspiring businessmen. He has served many students and clients across the globe through his in-depth knowledge about the corporate world. 492 more words


Reasons I Love: FailyTail

It’s been about a two months hiatus since Moons (my best friend) and I watched some FairyTail. We go into it late 2015, and our interest really picked up around Jan 2016 when we were watching four to five hours of FairyTail in a row. 242 more words


Ezra, the ‘Son of God’?

Ezra (480-440 BCE) is a respected figure in Jewish history

because of the significant role he played in the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem after the return of the Jewish exiles from Babylon (approximately 457 BCE).

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Remembering Ezra

Today we remember and celebrate the life of Ezra.  I was blessed today when his mom, Georgiana, sent me this beautiful article.  Take a moment to read it in honor of Ezra and all of our missed babies.


Tuesday Devotional: Ezra 5

Read Ezra 5

God is a creator, and, if we were designed in His image, we are creators as well. We were designed to design and create beautiful things worthy of a Holy God, reflective of His perfection. 444 more words


Book Review: Love Unaccounted Series

Hello, Everyone. I would like to personally thank all of you for facing your truth and joining me tonight. Before we begin, I would like you all to repeat our mission statement after me. 481 more words

African-American Romance