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A Lesson in Fasting from the book Erza

Fasting is not practiced by Christians very often in American culture.  There is a major change from how Christians used to practice fasting. It is said that John Wesley used to require that every member must fast twice a week on Wed and Fri.[1] This practice of fasting goes back to Jewish culture who did fast regularly.   513 more words


Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 1 - Steps Into Shadow Review

So I was lucky enough to be at the Rebels Panel this year at Star Wars Celebration and I got to see this episode back then. 842 more words


Ezra Chapter 10

Pull it together Ezra!

While Ezra is weeping and wailing, Shecaniah offers up some hope for Israel.  He proposes that they put aside the foreign spouses and children according to the Law. 753 more words

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Ezra Chapter 9

Mixed Marriages

1-4 Ezra was approached and made aware of a problem, specifically that some of the exiles had intermarried and had not separated themselves from people of the land (idolators). 296 more words

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Warrior Sounds: Ezra Collective | Chapter 7

We took delivery of a beautiful gift at the office the other day courtesy of our awesome alumni, Ezra Collective. So we’re now the very proud owners of a signed copy of the vinyl edition of their excellent debut EP, … 229 more words


Ezra Chapter 8 - Put Up or Shut Up

People who went with Ezra to Jerusalem…they camp for a few days outside of Babylon.

v. 1-14 contains a list of people who traveled with Ezra from Babylon to Jerusalem. 898 more words

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Charles Spurgeon Devotion: Ezra 8:22

Below is a devotion by Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892) from the September 24th morning entry of Morning and Evening. I’ve bolded a few quotes that stood out to me. 372 more words