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A lifelong commitment ...

God’s people are to belong to Him alone. Influences which are foreign to the Gospel of Christ, alien to the Word of God, are to be excluded from our lives so that we might be, more truly and more fully, the people of God. 165 more words



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“The facts of God are clear, just obey them!”  ~ Jon Barnes


Since God is our Father and He created all things, it is natural for us to Love, Respect, and Admire the Author and Finisher of our Faith, life, and being.

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“Good people do just enough to love God and live by faith, doing the daily activities and work that is full of joy, peace, kindness, long-suffering, patience, mercy, and grace, because God uses the blood of Christ to wash away our sins, in our honest repentance.” ~  Jon Barnes…

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“The movement of the ocean and breath of life are similar and you have to back off to pay attention to the rhythms, similarities, and differences of life and the environment to make proper adjustments.” ~ Jon Barnes…

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Ezra 4

October 14, 2018 – Morning Sermon.
Dangers, Toils, and Snares.
Nathan Stuller.

Sojourn Belleville

Ezra can...

stack three blocks and put all the donuts in the donut tower!

Also, Caleb says ‘I don’t know’ quite a bit now.


It’s Time

Reading the Bible can often be difficult; we’re faced with hard to understand concepts and a whole lot of stuff that doesn’t seem to apply to our lives.  1,384 more words