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Many Views of a Metro Station

*Note: This was taken from my old blog, “Poet in a World of Prose,” and it was written for my English 104A class.

Many Views of a Metro Station… 1,774 more words


Great Leaders Practice - Ezra 7

The 10,000 Hour Rule was popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in 2011 as he adroitly analyzed the commonalities of high achievers in his 2011 book Outliers… 749 more words

Spiritual Leadership

Best pieces of jewelry for Valentine's Day

The Valentine’s day is coming and I bet that every body are busy with choosing a perfect night outfits, cute cards and chocolate, and for Asian people, they are all spending time decorating house for Chinese New Year. 204 more words


It Is Precious to Me

I don’t remember for sure where it came from. I was quite young when it was given me. I kept in a box. From time to time, I would look at it. 1,838 more words


The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider

This was one of those books that I discovered and gotten curious of because it was talked a lot in pretty much everywhere when it first came out but I have managed to put off reading it until this time. 579 more words

Great Leaders Create Great Celebrations - Ezra 6

The annuls of history are full of triumphant celebrations. Conquering generals from Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan to Napoleon Bonaparte have thrown extravagant ceremonies and feasts following military conquests. 732 more words



As promised I said I would start giving tools to help one understand how to correctly read the Bible and not get sucked into all that hullabaloo over the airwaves. 210 more words