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SGW, 9-2-2015, Ezra 3

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Bible Study

A Tall Tale

So… he’s my answer to the genre challenge for last month.  The challenge was to write a tall tale.  So, here’s Ezra’s somewhat exaggerated version of how things went down between them and the person behind all of the mess they’ve faced so far.   1,238 more words


"Some Clever Title About a Modern Vampire Story" Chapter 1

“May I come in?” There is a pause. The door unlocks, the knob twists. The door opens slowly. A hunched over elderly woman stands in the doorway, gazing at the stranger with confusion. 608 more words


Important Moments Between Kanan and Ezra on Rebels

Kanan and Ezra have become surprisingly deep characters on a Disney network show.  Their relationship continues the theme of mentorship throughout the Star Wars Saga. … 855 more words

Star Wars Rebels

Eye discipline

In football, there are two fundamental defensive schemes for defending the pass (with thousands of modifications, but we’re going to keep things simple). The first is zone defense, where the defenders drop to areas on the field and defend the receiver in their zone. 391 more words


Clip: Star Wars Rebels-'Someone You Can Count On'

Think Ashoka Is On A Collision Course With Vader, I Do. Star Wars Rebels season two premieres October 14, 2015.


Chris Baio: "The Names"

Since the conclusion of Vampire Weekend’s tour behind their 2013 album Modern Vampires of the City, each band member seems to be taking some time off and pursuing their own interest. 81 more words

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