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These Bright City Lights

This chapter was written on a picture prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth.  It’s also my answer to this month’s Genre Stretch (dystopia).  That genre isn’t one I normally play in, but I’m hoping that it’s clear that the world is really imperfect if someone who’s as nice as we’ve seen Lachlan be is being treated the way he is and plotted against for daring to try to rise above what some group of people thinks he should.   1,215 more words


"Celeste-Ezra Vine" Review

Relaxing, soothing, and catchy; what else would you want in a song?


Worth buying on iTunes


Song Reviews

Bible Project Part 10 - 2 Chronicles 35 to Job 42

This week I finally wrested my way out of the Chronicles, then through a number of short books and the borefest that is Job.

Yes, borefest. 2,203 more words


Twinkles, sparkles and stairs

I love that the first thing we saw was twinkles, sparkles and stairs✺✺
Do you see them too?✺✺

Art By MichelleMarie

Hanging in T-Town with my little man

Crossing the bridge to Williams

Atlas Building stairs

Being silly

Waiting on me