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Spanish Air Force EF-18 Hornet crashes at Torrejón Air Base

A Spanish Air Force McDonnell Douglas EF-18AM Hornet has crashed near to Torrejón Air Base, killing the pilot. The accident reportedly took place just after 11:00 AM local time, as the aircraft was carrying out a takeoff manoeuvre. 500 more words


Fall Colours and Bugs

Ruska: (ʁus.ka) noun. 1) Finnish word denoting the leaves changing colours during fall, autumn foliage 2) Finnish Air Force exercise focused on operations in times of crises and wartime, measured in the number of involved servicemen and -women the largest Finnish Air Force exercise of 2017. 1,141 more words


Tight Diamond Formation for Blue Angels

Blue Angels 1, 2, 3, and 7 in the Diamond Formation during Fleetweek 2017 in San Francisco. Always an awesome experience watching them perform their aerial manuvers.


Blue Angels are our National Treasure

We love Fleetweek with the Blue Angels in San Francisco.  I’ve tried various locations down by the waterfront to shoot pictures of the Blue Angels flying.  146 more words

Blue Angels

The New Bug in Town – Navy Fighters Ashore

Carrier-based fighters have traditionally had a hard time keeping up with their land-based counterparts. Carrier operations put greater strains on the aircraft, as the shorter take-off and landing places higher stress on the airframe in general and the landing gear in particular. 1,238 more words


Under Scottish Skies - Air Superiority

While the Typhoon so far has seen combat solely in the air-to-ground role, there is no mistaking in that the primary role of RAF Lossiemouth lies elsewhere. 1,496 more words