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Trump would face pushback from USAF leaders if he tries to substitute Super Hornets for F-35s, top official suggests

Just before Christmas, President-elect Donald Trump suggested that his administration may sideline the F-35 in favor of buying more Super Hornets. “Based on the tremendous cost and cost overruns of the Lockheed Martin F-35, I have asked Boeing to price-out a comparable F-18 Super Hornet!” Trump tweeted at the time. 130 more words

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An F-18 Visit

Not unusual to see military aircraft coming in to the airport here in Palm Springs. It is unusual for an F-18 Hornet to drive by my house right over my backyard pool. 12 more words

Let's Get Close - Blue Angels

Notice this is showing Blue Angel F-18 Hornets #1 to #4 in close formation during the the San Francisco Fleet week event.  They flew very close to each other  – within 18 inches of each other. 61 more words

Air Show

Tour de Sky 2016 -Return of the 'Balalaika'

This year’s main flying event in Finland has just been held in the form of Tour de Sky at Kuopio-Rissala, a joint civilian and military airfield. 554 more words


A Brief Update on HX

Next weekend will see this year’s main air show in Finland. This will see a lot of focus on the HX, with the different manufacturers trying to sell in why their aircraft is the best fit for Finland in particular. 1,133 more words


Liberal government’s fighter jet replacement process flawed, analyst argues

By Richard Shimooka

Defence Watch Guest Writer

As revealed on Sunday by the Ottawa Citizen, the Liberal Government is considering a sole source interim purchase of Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornets, in order to cover an expected capability gap between the retirement of the CF-18 and the purchase of a next generation fighter. 1,218 more words

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