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How PAK-FA Stealth Fighter Could Match the F-22 Raptor (Think Speed)

Russia’s United Engine Corporation (UEC) has started ground testing a next-generation engine for the Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA fifth-generation stealth fighter according to a statement by the company. 383 more words


Russian Sales of Expensive Best Weapons to China Mutually Beneficial

China’s official military forum mil.huanqiu.com says in its report yesterday that according to the website of Russian Today Economy News Agency, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Russia and China has concluded contracts in military technology field worth US$3 billion. 557 more words

The Conundrum of China’s J-20 Stealth Fighter Jet

That is in fact not a conundrum as China has given crystal clear massages in the short flight show of J-20 stealth fighter jet, but it seems a real conundrum because few military experts, commentators and reporters seem to take and understand the messages. 1,184 more words

A few new goodies

One really fast bugger and one with a whirly bit on top.  I just got one of each for me and few more each for the store, I’ll see if I like them and then most likely get some more for me.


China’s New J-10C Stealth Fighter Rival to F-22 in Dogfight

Taiwan’s CNA reports on November 15 that a new improved version of China’s J-10 fighter jet J-10C has recently emerged on Mainland web. There is rumor on the Internet that tests have begun in the test and training base of PLA air force and the new fighter jet will soon be delivered to PLA by batches. 164 more words

China says aircraft carrier now ready for combat

In its Situation Report, Foreign Policy says that it was surprised by China’s announcement yesterday that its aircraft carrier is ready for combat. So was Washington Post in its report yesterday. 503 more words

PLA: J-20 Already World Leader, Rival to Any Other Stealth Fighter

PLA website says in its report this morning that J-20 has integrated the designs of various fighter jets including the shape of F-22’s nose, F-35’s electro-optical Distributed Aperture System, Russian T-50’s all-moving vertical stabilizer, etc. 223 more words