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Russia's Su-35 Fighter Jet Demoralizes US Pilots Flying McCain's F-35 Dumbed Down Flying Bathtub

Russia’s SU-35 Fighter Interceptor Jet

In the USA, pilots are not allowed to watch videos of Su-35 demonstration flights at MAKS-2017 international air show. Allegedly, the videos of the… 2,041 more words


Maxaa Ku Cusub Tignoolajiyada Milatariga Iyo Diyaaradaha Dagaalka Cirka?

Diyaaradaha dagaalka Ruushka ee lagu magacaabo (Su -35), oo todobaadkan dufcadii ugu horaysay la gudoonsiiyay ciidamada Cirka ee dalkaas, waxa lagu tilmaamay in ay noqonayaan kuwa ugu casrisan, uguna halista balaadhan dhinaca dagaalka ee cirka, diyaaradani waxa aad uga awood iyo tayo saraysaa diyaadaha dhigooda ah ee F-16, F-18 Ilaa F-22, ee Maraykanka iyo sancooyinka danbe ee diyaaradaha Eurofighter. 492 more words


Britain to Acquire 138 F-35 Fighter Jets

RT reports today that Britain will press ahead with a $196 billion (£150 billion) deal to buy 138 F-35 fighter jets despite serious concerns over virtually every aspect of their capability. 338 more words

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Thunderbirds arrive at RAF Fairford!

We have great news from RAF Fairford as the United States Air Force (USAF) Demonstration Team the Thunderbirds arrived yesterday evening!

The aircraft flew over from the USA, refuelling en-route thanks to USAF air-to-air refuelling tankers and arrived in groups of four around two hours apart. 116 more words

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Mach Crit and Supercritical Wings

Sometime around 1962 aerodynamicists realized there was more that could be done.

More efficiency to gain at speeds near the speed of sound.

But most importantly, the phenomena so iconic in this picture wasn’t fully understood until the mid 1960s.   318 more words

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Wings Over Avgeeks

They say the first time you attend an air show it’s about the airplanes, but after that it’s about the people. For a long time I really didn’t understand this. 755 more words