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Pentagon considering ‘arsenal plane’ program to assist less-armed stealth planes

A semi-secret Pentagon plan to convert old war planes into “flying launchpads” or “arsenal planes” to aid stealthier, less weapons-capable planes was mentioned by Defense Secretary Ash Carter in a speech outlining a $583 billion military budget for 2017. 81 more words

"The US's military procurement machine may be the single most successful system of wealth transfer ever devised"

The US’s military procurement machine may be the single most successful system of wealth transfer ever devised – moving tens of billions of dollars every year from ordinary taxpayers into the pockets of big defense contractors and their allies in Congress.

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China’s J-20 Better in Detecting Stealth Plane, Longer Range than F-22

China’s Qianjiang Daily published an article by Chinese writer Tu Chenxin on January 27 that makes a comparison between China’s J-20 and US F-22 stealth fighter jets. 256 more words

China's J-20 Heavy Stealth Fighter Is Made for Air Supremacy

Daily Beast’s article “China Assembles Its Stealth Jet Fleet” on January 4 believes that China has begun mass production of its J-20 heavy stealth fighter jets, but wonders whether J-20 is a ground-attack plane like the F-117, a high- and fast-flying dogfighter like the F-22 or a multi-role attack plane and dogfighter like the F-35. 1,332 more words

what's for 2016?

It’s going to be a military year guys!

Several international news magazines have published about some further or advanced military development in those Asia countries including India, Japan and China. 596 more words


China appears ready to begin mass production of first stealth fighter jet

Xinhua publishes photos of a J-20 jet that carries number indicating the final stage has been reached

By Stephan Chen
South China Morning Post

A photo that appears to show China’s J-20 stealth fighter, still coated in yellowish paint typically used before radar absorbing materials are applied. 428 more words