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F-22 Raptor - Gets Airborne

An F-22 Raptor gets airborne at RAF Fairford as part of its display with an F-35 Lightning II, both “stealth” technology aircraft in service with the United States Air Force.


RIAT 2016

It’s that time again – early get ups, no sleep, lots of photos, rain, sun, clouds, lots of noise and aircraft!

Just a few photos from yesterdays show (Saturday), the rest will appear in the not to distant future… The F-35, despite being a marmite aircraft, is actually quite nice and now I’ve seen it in person it looks great in the air. 17 more words


China’s J-10C Rival to F35, Better than All US Carrier-Based Fighters in Service

Russian Military Observation website carried an article on June 29 titled “J-10C, headache of Western aircraft companies” stating that after integrated fire control system in its active phased array radar, China’s J-10A/B has already some of the characteristics of the next generation of fighter jets. 511 more words

J-20 Superior to F-35 Causes US to Resume F-22 Production

J-20 is designed as a heavy stealth fighter jet to grab air dominance from F-22; therefore, it must be better than F-35, the light stealth fighter jet that the US is developing and producing. 221 more words



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US Leaders’ Lack of Vision Enables China to Catch up with US

China’s mil.news.sina.com.cn publishes an article expressing gratitude to US high officials for giving Chinese air force at least 10 years time to catch up with the US in stealth fighter jet. 509 more words