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The Art of Saying Yes and of Saying No

This has been my mantra for this past year or so. Knowing when to say yes but also knowing when to say no. Too often I feel obligated to say yes, just because I think something is expected of me, which is of course not how you should be looking at things.   670 more words


Awaiting Spring

In the morning mist
Stillness, bare branches awaits
The coming of Spring.


The Art of Leftovers

I often get told that I am a very inventive cook.  I never really considered how I cook to be a particularly skilled way of creating dishes, I always thought it was just quite elementary to look in the cupboard and think ‘OK, I have lentils, and onion and an egg, what can I make?’, and then make lentil patties.   853 more words


The Art of the Real Duck Face

This is a post that I started about two years ago.

This, I guess, could be called The Art of the Real Duck-Face. That is, the face that you pull when you actually want to look lik a duck.   2,228 more words