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... Be Patient [#EgyptAir crash][#investigation]...

.. remember , the damn jet has just gone down . If news reports are accurate , they have found parts of the debris field .. 71 more words

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(TheInquisitr) – The only people who are interested in keeping the idea that the FBI will eventually charge Hillary Clinton, are those who really want it to happen. 55 more words

Alpha Omega M.D. - Episode #183

Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #183

…we sent in the Florida National Guard, in anticipation of Hank Blount pulling some monkey business…

“I trust those people,” President Roosevelt tells his Attorney General, Charles Bonaparte, the great-nephew of Napoleon I, of a family of lawyers predating the “Little Corporal”, “and if what they write about this Blount character is true, I am going to make this the last trust I bust!” 326 more words

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... Miz Hillary is Damned [#F.B.I. interview]...

.. sooner or later ,  the F.B.I. is going to call her in for an interview . I also think that it will not be long for that interview to take place.. 146 more words

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... Miz Hillary Will Be Indicted [#legal question]

.. the only question is , in what forum that she will be ” nailed ?? ” ..

.. It will be either :

[-] a court of public opinion , or .. 110 more words

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... Miz Hillary to be Interviewed [#F.B.I.][#EMailGate]...

.. this gets interesting ..

.. why ? You do not interview someone that you are likely to clear from an investigation , especially a criminal investigation . 45 more words

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Criminal intent the conclusion

  On a planet on the orther side of the galaxy, a long time ago a man acted against the injustice of his day. He overthrow the tryent morleth and ushered in a new era. 1,184 more words

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