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... The Fallout from Miz Hillary ' s F.B.I. interview [#criminal investigation]...

.. unlike Miz Hillary , who still seems to think that all of this is a ” security review , ” it is a real , honest – to goodness criminal investigation , folks . 140 more words

Personal Opinion

The Director of the F.B.I. Adds His Two Cents

I wasn’t surprised when James Comey, head of the F.B.I., announced that Hillary Clinton would not face criminal charges as a result of her email practices. 1,140 more words


a fall conundrum

i don’t know Donald or Hillary, other than what I have seen and heard

in their reported deeds and words;

thus, I cannot speak with knowledge personal… 228 more words

A Personal Reflection

Hillary Clinton To Face No Charges By The F.B.I.

Everyone is soooo surprised that Hillary will once again get off the hook. However, I personally would have been a lot more surprised had she actually faced charges. 155 more words


... the F.B.I. finally got their Gal [#Miz Hillary]...

.. on July 2nd , the F.B.I. finally got their gal ..

.. Miz Hillary submitted herself to questioning by agents on her EMailGate case .. 39 more words

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... Be Patient [#EgyptAir crash][#investigation]...

.. remember , the damn jet has just gone down . If news reports are accurate , they have found parts of the debris field .. 71 more words

Personal Opinion

(TheInquisitr) – The only people who are interested in keeping the idea that the FBI will eventually charge Hillary Clinton, are those who really want it to happen. 55 more words