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Merlin's Bass Clef Amulet

The Staff as we know it today originated from musically annotated text,
through the Gregorian Chants around the 12th to 13th centuries.
Until this time, 432 more words

Music Jewelry

Music: F Clef - "Destined To Fly" (Acapella Version)|@FemiClef

Olufemi Adeagbo, professionally know as F-Clef is a young talented Soul singer/songwriter. He is well known for composing soul-lifting and inspirational songs and has been quoted severally during his live performances that he will not use his mouth to sing anything that doesn’t glorify God. 104 more words


The Evolution of Music Clefs

When my students are first working with the Grand Staff, they are often confused about the placement of the various clefs.

In piano music, we generally use only the G-clef (Treble clef – not “trouble clef” as some think!) and the F-clef (Bass clef)  I try to show students how the curvy part of the G-clef wraps around the G above middle C and the F-clef looks sort of like an F marking the F below middle C.   102 more words