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Chambers, Sanders and Houck, Arizona

First timer?  In this formerly once-a-day blog (and now pretty much a once-every-three-or-four days blog), I have my computer select a random latitude and longitude that puts me somewhere in the continental United States (the lower 48).  1,768 more words

H's abound… but…

I thought I’d do a bit today about Edward Everett Horton.


No, not Horton Hears a Who… Edward Everett Horton…
You know – the voice of the Fractured Fairy Tales, those episodes that appeared on the Rocky and Bullwinkle show all those years ago. 297 more words

An Appreciation

The Inner Sergeant Schultz

The other day I made a reference to people channeling their inner Sergeant Schultz.  The comment met with baffled silence, because the people to whom I made the comment had no idea who Sergeant Schultz was.  214 more words


The New Congress and Its Fitful Start

Conservatives have hoped that the newly installed Republican majorities in both chambers of Congress will be like the cavalry coming to the rescue in one of those old John Ford westerns, but the session is off to a start more reminiscent of the old “F Troop” series. 565 more words



Do you remember that scene where the Grinch is shoving the Christmas tree, decorations and toys back up the chimney? That’s kind of what I do. 376 more words

Spec Fic

The Only A.D. that Peckinpah Did Not Fire

It was 1968. The job of Production Assistant as a title was non-existent. The thankless job of putting together call sheets, and delivering them, keeping all the records for personnel hours and things used, and doing all those little things that lubricated the process behind the scenes fell to the assistant director instead. 413 more words

Howard Kazanjian

Tim Cavanaugh on Seattle's Folly: Indigenous People's Day Is Offensive to Indigenous People

Tim Cavanaugh writes: It was either Francis Parkman or Frederick Jackson Turner or the composer of the theme from F Troop who first laid down an essential truth about the American experience: In the end, Paleface and Redskin  321 more words