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F-Zero (1992)

We Formula One high rollers currently find ourselves at that awkward period between pre-season testing and the first race in Melbourne, when the 2018 F1 season kicks off and a load of lads chase after Lewis Hamilton until someone finally wakes up, waves a chequered flag and everyone gets to down tools and enjoy champagne – a bit like my evenings after I finish an article really. 1,199 more words

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If You Think Initial D's CGI is too High Quality, You Might Like F-Zero Falcon Densetsu

In the grand scheme of things, F-Zero Falcon Densetsu is everything that can be conceptually wrong with an action anime – it is a needless dump of lore in adapting a game that really doesn’t need any (a racing game), it is a sports-action series that shamelessly finds excuses to make the action revolve around sports, and it is often quite ugly because of the sheer amount of flat-textured and obtrusive CGI that it relies on for action scenes. 875 more words

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Nintendo Direct Reaction - 8th March

Some incredible highlights from today’s Nintendo Direct.

One of the best games I’ve had the pleasure of playing, Okami, is getting a HD make over on Switch, please trust me and get this classic as soon as you can. 176 more words


Super Nt Review

At the end of last year, during a trip to Osaka in Japan, I walked into one of the many retro video game stores and purchased a Super Famicom with some games. 809 more words


F-Zero X

F-Zero X (1998)

In the event of an alien invasion, one can only imagine that mankind would be pretty well buggered. After all, if some sort of species or collective entity out there has the ability to travel here in great numbers, they pretty much have the whole thing wrapped up. 1,323 more words

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The Best 16bit Mainstream Era Video Game Music

Mike has been “getting down on the dance floor” recently, listening to some classic 16bit tunes from the late 80’s and early 90’s.

You can view the epic playlist below, I suggest you put your best headphones on and sit in a comfy chair for this one.