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F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

To be perfectly honest, it’s been years since I’ve even touched an F-Zero game, so in reviewing Maximum Velocity, I find myself at a loss to provide meaningful context. 1,388 more words


US: This Week's Nintendo Downloads 1.12.17

The Nintendo Downloads for this week are as follows:

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Redout Review

Futuristic racing games seem like a rare treat these days. True, Wipeout reappears on every Sony platform at some point to some fanfare. But the racing subgenre was once more packed with contenders. 2,735 more words


Review: Redout

A strange thing is currently happening to one of my all-time favourite genres. Wipeout is no more, there hasn’t been a F-Zero game in over a decade, and Rollcage II came out in 1996 – the future of the futuristic racer is now a race between new IPs. 762 more words

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Top 5 Franchises Nintendo Needs To Bring Back For The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has had it rough these past few years and with everyone eyes now on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo now has a golden opportunity to make things right by bringing back some of their under utilized classic franchises back to life… 638 more words


musical interlude CLXXXVII

Car ride (again), night time ez flow, thank you PA for raising the speed limit! This interlude is a bit of a fail, the above vid was to be the chiptune bonus (in this case, chiptune-cover. 153 more words