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Impact of uniqueness in game audio design

Some solid examples from personal experience.

Listen to this readers. That isĀ March on Axylus from the Battletech OST, in case the link is broken or some such. 1,455 more words


F-Zero Falcon Densetsu new project released!

Hey everyone, today I brought you a brand new project which is the 2003 anime F-Zero Falcon Densetsu (F-Zero GP Legend) based on the Nintendo games. 21 more words


Texture Modding Tutorial

Tools needed:
LZ & Arc Extractor & Injector
GX Model Viewer

Be sure to have an image manipulation software, such as Paint.net or Gimp

F-Zero GX

F-Zero Wave

I replaced most textures in the game, taking into account UV wrapping. I also looped about 20 songs. And I made the trailer you see here. 42 more words

F-Zero GX

Samus With Her Gunship

I imported the vehicle into a 3D editor (Wings 3D) and aligned it to match an F-Zero machine. I had to remove a few parts – mostly under the ship – to fit F-Zero’s filesize limit. 64 more words

F-Zero GX

Model Swapping Tutorial

As I was the first person to do a model swap for F-Zero, I pretty much had to make a tutorial. Here I used Wings 3D. 37 more words

F-Zero GX

With the E3 2018 getting near I can’t help but guess what surprises might be waiting for us, so in this post I’ll share my top 10 list of Nintendo franchises that have yet to be announced for the Nintendo Switch.

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Animal Crossing