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You've probably never played... BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2

BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2
Developer:  Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo

Platform(s): Super Famicom (via Satellaview)
Release Date: 1997 (Japan exclusive)

Considering that only last week we were c… 822 more words


25 Years of Speed - A retrospective on F-Zero

When the Super Famicom released in Japan back in 1990, I hadn’t even been born. Perhaps that’s too personal a way to start a feature looking back at the 25 year legacy of a groundbreaking racing game that helped send the Super Famicom off with a flying start, but I wanted to give some perspective to how long it has been since this title first graced the minds of gamers in Japan and later, across the world. 1,192 more words


Nintendo Direct Coming Thursday

Nintendo fans rejoice: they’ve announced the next Nintendo Direct for Thursday. It’ll be at 5pm EST, 2pm PST. I know there was a great deal of concern about the series continuing with the passing of their driving force (and Nintendo head honcho) Satoru Iwata. 63 more words


Captain Falcon

 UPDATE: This is my 100th post!! WOW!! :D

F-Zero’s own CAPTAIN FALCON! I have never attempted Captain Falcon before, and here he is! 213 more words


F-Zero GX – Game Review

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Burnout games

Platforms: GameCube

Genre: Science Fiction Arcade Racing

Length: 20 hrs. to experience everything once. Much longer to master harder difficulties. 745 more words


Awesome Retro GIFs 15

So what if this is from only 2008? The supreme awesomeness of Captain Falcon knows no temporal bounds.

Also, why on earth is this move not in the game??? 14 more words

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