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Fast RMX (Nintendo Switch) - Reseña

Es un juego independiente desarrollado por Shin’en Multimedia, y es el tercera parte de una serie de carreras con naves futuristas que inició en el Wii con Fast Racing League. 693 more words


Review - Fast RMX - Nintendo Switch

It’s hard to believe that the Nintendo Switch is officially in our hands, but that day is finally upon us. With the launch of any new system, a slate of new titles hit the eShop and local gaming stores, and like many of us, you may only have so much cash in your pocket. 1,002 more words


The Top 7 Most Obvious Wii U Games We Should Have Gotten

With the Nintendo Switch debuting in just a couple days, it’s time we look back one last time on the Wii U. And what better way to celebrate the console than looking at its obvious missed potential for awesome games that could, and should, have been. 734 more words


Top 5 Unannounced Games I Want On Switch

The Nintendo Switch is less than two weeks away! I have a long weekend off of work starting on March 3rd, so I’ve ensured I’ll have time to start exploring Hyrule with the new Legend of Zelda title. 635 more words

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Lifespeed - Ups & Downs

Exclusive to New 3DS, Lifespeed is a futuristic racer with a lot of speed, weapon powerups, a story mode, and online leaderboards. It’s the first game by Irish developer Wee Man Studios and a very ambitious concept to start your industry portfolio with. 1,267 more words


If Nintendo Wasn't Considering a Mobile F-Zero Game Before, They Are Now!

Attention F-Zero fans, if you dream of Captain Falcon making a triumphant return in a new F-Zero title, it might just happen after all and… 353 more words