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Handling .NET exceptions in F#

When working with .NET languages from F# it can happen that the F# code needs to deal with .NET exceptions from the System namespace. The way to deal with those exceptions is about the same as in the case of F# exceptions but pattern matching in the with clause is slightly different: 182 more words


Custom exceptions in F#

We can build custom exceptions in F# with the exception keyword. We can also assign multiple parameters to it in a tuple:

exception ProductNotFoundException of string * int * int 87 more words

Owen Friend

Usually a back-up infielder, Friend enjoyed a carer season for the 1950 St. Louis Browns. He played a career-high 119 games that season for St. Louis, hitting .237 with eight home runs, 50 RBI and 48 runs scored. 134 more words

Bob Friend

A World Series champion and four-time all star, Friend was one of the best pitchers in the National League during his 16-year big league career. Friend came up as a 20-year old with the Pirates in 1951 but did not find real success until 1955 when he went 14-9 for Pittsburgh. 321 more words

Herman Franks

Franks spent the majority of his life in baseball, as a player, coach, manager and briefly as a general manager. His playing career began with the St. 175 more words

Grade Replacement After "F"

I just found this information, after hearing nothing of the sort from anyone at Ross, so I thought it might be helpful to make a note of it here. 364 more words

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punctured are your armbands

the penny has dropped &

sunk beneath sinking sands

your attics been rummaged

shat out is your roughage

you're packed in as luggage

good riddance bad rubbish

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hands wavy - you've done one

fat ladies sing swansongs