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My hip hurts

I really need to replace my futon, because I lack padding on my right hip and when I sleep on my right side I get a painful not-quite-a-bruise on my hip. 236 more words

Daily Post

Past and Future: Some F1 Thoughts and Reflections

Back in the 1970’s I subscribed to a magazine called Motor Sport. The magazine was, and still is, a monthly motor sporting glossy and I kept each copy as my reference guide and revered it as my motor sporting bible. 1,338 more words


The British Grand Prix

Sunday was a rather lovely day. I awoke late after a night shift, had a brew and was all ready to sit down and watch the British Grand Prix. 694 more words


Why Do We Still Read These?

It’s Sunday morning and we’re sat down with this month’s F1 Racing and Autosport. The coffee has brewed and is now sat steaming on the counter. 333 more words


How would we improve F1?

It’s pretty easy to jump in the fast flowing stream of criticisms which constantly surround F1, but it’s hard to provide a solution. We’ve come up with a few of our own, which we’d love to see. 564 more words