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Unseen Photos of The Beatles Filming 'Help!'

Just when you think you’ve seen every picture ever taken of The Beatles, along comes nearly two dozen previously unseen images.

And there may be more on the way… 124 more words


A New Beatles Video Was Released This Morning From A Session 48 Years Ago Today

Without fanfare, a new Beatles video with clips from the Abbey Road studios recording session that produced the final track for their album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”. 83 more words


550 Celebrities Are Asked A Simple Question: Lennon Or McCartney

Some celebrities thought it over before answering.  Some gave a quick answer.

And some didn’t answer it at all.

282 votes went to one of the two artists, 196 went to the other. 35 more words


John Fogerty Responds to Creedence Clearwater Revival Lawsuit, Vows to Keep Playing 'All My Songs'

Yesterday, former Creedence Clearwater Revival members Stu Cook and Doug Clifford, along with the wife of late CCR member Tom Fogerty, announced a new lawsuit against the band’s former leader/singer/songwriter,  279 more words


John Lennon On Double Fantasy - Just Before He Was Killed 34 Years Ago Today

‘Double Fantasy’ was John Lennon’s 7th album released in his lifetime,

Recorded during the summer of 1980, Lennon paid for the sessions himself and didn’t sign with a record label until the album was nearly finished.  151 more words


No Break For Beatles Fans - 5 Lennon Albums Coming In Hi-Def Remasters

Cha Ching!

There’s no slow down in ways for Beatles fans to part with their money for new product.

But how many times do we need to buy the same music over and over? 193 more words


Beatles Pancakes - Now You Can Say You Truly Have Seen Everything

You’ve seen pancakes shaped like animals, landmarks, and objects, but this video shows the process of pancake perfection taken a step further.

Four pancakes that really do look like John, Paul, George, and Ringo. 29 more words