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Defending Peter Molyneux

‘Do you think that you’re a pathological liar?’ This one question has sparked a frenzied attack by much of the games industry on the practices of Peter Molyneux, famed developer of such greats as Populous and Dungeon Keeper. 514 more words

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The Fabled King

(Post will contain spoilers) So I finished up Fable 3 late last night, after making a solid playthrough, at least I thought. I had mentioned I had passed on Fable 3 when it first came out. 1,147 more words

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Fable 2 vs Fable 3

I adore Fable 2 and Fable 3, and it my mind I’m constantly debating which is the better game.

I felt that the plot in Fable 2 was a bit vague, it was simply the quest of redemption by gathering up three Heroes and killing the man that we assume wants to destroy the world and create a new world in it, the plot isn’t well explained and we only know what’s going on with the occasional talk from Theresa. 324 more words


Reaver Sketch

A sketch of Reaver from Fable 3


RPG Week: Day 6 - Fable

With today’s RPG week post, I want to visit a series that I discovered way late, only recently finally playing all three games to conclusion: … 852 more words

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Um futuro sem lag para jogos online?

É exatamente isto que a Microsoft pretende com a pesquisa e desenvolvimento de uma solução em “cloud-gaming” que irá diminuir a latência na resposta do servidor utilizando previsões das ações futuras do jogador. 219 more words