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Designer/Artist of the week: Mike McCarthy

Don’t know where to start with this very inspiring concept artist, really. I personally recall being a particularly great fan of his work, and the amount of design work he’s contributed towards Fable over the last 8 years. 442 more words


New Xbox One Backward Compatibility Titles Playable Today on Xbox One!

I will have to finish Deus EX now!!!!!

• Braid
• Deus Ex: Human Revolution
• Doritos Crash Course
• Fable III
• Halo: Reach…
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Instead Of Giving Us Fable 4 Lionhead is Determined To Kill The Fable Franchise

Does anyone here remember Fable? Do you remember what it was and how much potential it had? Do you remember how awesome it used to be before it went through an identity change and became a mere shadow of it former self?  652 more words

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Game Review: Fable 3 (with marked spoilers)

I approached this game very carefully, as I had read many unfavourable (to say the least) reviews. But already the first minutes of the game really captivated me and I can only report that this never changed over the course of the game. 1,019 more words

Game Review

Fable 3, ugh

So… Fable 3… Let’s talk about this. Fable 3 is pretty cool, but there are definitely points where you’re like, “What… The… Fuck?!” and so we’ll talk about those… 95 more words

Defending Peter Molyneux

‘Do you think that you’re a pathological liar?’ This one question has sparked a frenzied attack by much of the games industry on the practices of Peter Molyneux, famed developer of such greats as Populous and Dungeon Keeper. 514 more words

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