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The Wenger/Mourinho complex

Every superhero needs a villain. Whether it’s Batman vs Joker or Superman vs Lex Luthor however in football terms, it may sound laughable when used to describe the rivalry between Wenger & Mourinho but it’s not as crazy as you might think. 588 more words


My Interview With Mandy, an Arsenal Fan...

Sitting, drinking a cup of coffee, I feel this is the best way to get to know people, the best way to get some real answers about their love for football and why they support who they support. 353 more words


Is getting Cech really Arsenal getting one up on Mourinho and Crew? 

With one of arsenal’s goalkeeper coaches throwing all his toys out the pram and leaving us for Swansea, Rumour has it that has it Petr Cech is on his way to the Gunners and while I’m happy to welcome such a signing, a lot of fans are saying this is us “getting one over Chelsea” I’d argue it’s exactly the opposite – It shows how much we are beneath them. 341 more words


"Boring, boring Chelsea" is here to stay, and become even more defensive.

“BORING BORING CHELSEA!” They cry from the away stand of Stamford Bridge. “BORING BORING CHELSEA!” They sarcastically joke from the rest of the stadium. For a team that comfortably won the Premier League and Capital One Cup this season, and got furthest of all English clubs in the Champions League, Chelsea have been for the most part a dour and controlled team. 1,361 more words

210 Reasons Why Chelsea are Champions

The stats says it all. In an almost one-sided Premier League season in recent memory, Chelsea won the marathon to win the 2014/15 title. They were simply the best – if not, most consistent, football club in England’s top division. 11 more words

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The Passing of the Pass Master

On Saturday night in Berlin, Xavi Hernandez’s name will feature on a Barcelona team sheet for the last time. There could be no more fitting a stage for his farewell than a Champions League final. 644 more words

Top 10 Performers of the 2014/15 Premier League Season

The season has come to a close and the finishing positions within the Barclays Premier League have been decided. There have been some fantastic individual performances since the first kick offs back in August but here is a look at 10 of the most consistent and important players throughout the season and my reasons for their place on this list. 1,186 more words