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India, China, Cape Town and My Sourcing Stumbling Blocks

Aaaaaarghghg somehow I am keeping my impulsive impatience under-wraps during the tedious task of developing the perfect product. I have chosen to start my own business because I am stubbornly dedicated to the idea of working for myself and because I know creativity must be at the forefront of what I do. 736 more words

Block 24 – Inspector Sidekick

I made good use of my ink pen this for this block.  I’m still on the backup machine and the needle on this one doesn’t sit in the right spot – it’s about 1/16″ too far to the left and for kicks, sometimes it likes to jump even farther to the left.   97 more words


Socks and Flats

Graphite. Strathmore Drawing Paper. 14x17in.

I chose a rather busy set of objects for my still-life for my drawing class. I got a more than pleasant grade though so I assumed I’m doing something right in my graphite works at least! 26 more words


The Garden of Earthly Delights



The moment I saw this fabric I had to have it! And, bonus, it was on the $5m table. I knew the images looked familiar and that they were from a painting I’ve studied at some point, but it took an image search on Google to remind me that it’s the centre panel of Heironymous Bosch’s triptych “The Garden of Earthly Delights”. 48 more words


Lion Pillowcase

One of our Messy mums had a lion cushion for her little boy so inspired by all the lion designs we saw on Pinterest we decided to make our very own lion pillowcase. 205 more words

Messy Church 2015

if Sundel Bolong was fashionable

have you ever heard of the Indonesian ghost called Sundel Bolong?

i won’t go into details, but the main traits of this ghost are that it’s female, most likely pretty with long black hair… and there’s a big gaping hole on her back. 460 more words