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If we've said it once...

…we’ve said it a thousand times: PACIFIC BUILDS SECTIONALS TO THE INCH! And this is a BIG one! Crafted for April McGrath Interior Design… 41 more words


Life Happens, Chocolate Helps

Spaces Interior Design LLC added this delightful Cacao fabric to our already charming Lynn Chair and we think it is a little sweetheart!


Pardon My French Macaroons

Pardon My French Macaroons in Multi designed by August Wren for Dear Stella.

Source: Hawthorne Supply Co.


Her Voice After All

Trying to see her for myself

in a crowd of strangers

I’m over here, trying to get close.

I can’t quite move forward

there’s too much glass on the floor… 124 more words


A Mighty 'Toy'

An antique and brocante market came to town the other day and just like the circus, we all flocked to it but with a healthy squirt of hand sanitiser and a well fitting mask. 591 more words



From the start of yesterday

words were coming to the surface

there for a second, but then soon gone.

The Utopiangirl had reappeared,

and with little or no real notice… 184 more words


Hobby Lobby

My friend needed to get her friend and mom a birthday present. So we took a trip to our local Hobby Lobby. We tried coming here Sunday, we pulled up in the empty parking lot … then I remembered they are closed on Sundays. 188 more words