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Four Patch Drink Coasters with Faux Binding

I’m picturing two types of reactions to this project.  The first is from people who think binding is a breeze and are wondering why I’m going to so much trouble.  373 more words


Paradise Pullover by Opulent Monsters

I often look around at patterns that are available and sometimes you have the option to test patterns new patterns for designers. This can involve making numerous versions of the same pattern and can be quite a slow process or sometimes it can be making just one item. 204 more words


Introduce by Design Magazine

Introduce by Design Magazine

FLAVOR Fabric Deodorizer Series design has been introduced in August.

You can meet in the designer’s clear Galley shop, also located in the first floor salrimteo DDP PLAZA!


To market, to market...

…but we bought no pigs.  Or goats.  I’ve had a great day though, despite an annoying start when I missed my train and had to wait half an hour for the next one.   453 more words


How you can Effortlessly update your home in minutes with one change

Oh the Pillows we will see…

Another fun and creative area we like to work with is creating custom or semi custom pillows for our clients. 410 more words

Monnie’s Treasures

Monnie was my grandmother. She was one of my favorite people. She taught me how to sew. They lived in Dearborn Michigan and we went to visit them a lot. 360 more words


check yourself.

Some design “trends” aren’t actually trends at all – because they’ve been around for decades, but recently have gained more love. This is especially true for checkered and plaid patterns. 241 more words

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