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Vegan Mega Omega-3 Fat Burger

In this blog post I show how to make a simple, soy-free vegan burger patty recipe. I also show a little of my indoor garden. 734 more words

Fabulous Foods

Portugal’s best-kept secret

I’d expected rough. Coarse. Peasant.

Portuguese food is the fare of fishermen: cod, potatoes, and spicy linguica sausage, right?

Well, yes. And no.

Three days into my visit to Portugal, I’ve had giant chunks of fried cod with gills attached and spread like wings, the chewy flesh and mound of mashed potatoes resting in a puddle of butter redolent of rosemary–the dish’s only saving grace besides the price, at 12 euros proving that you do, indeed, get what you pay for. 410 more words


April is spring detox month but I'm going to keep making protein bars instead.

I show how to make uncooked protein bars (of several types) in this blog post. My bars all contain healthy fats and fiber as well as protein. 5,597 more words

Fabulous Foods

March gardening activities

In this blog post I wash my plant pots and transplant some seedlings.

I have started out this post with a deck dinner that my husband and I enjoyed on March 19th. 3,176 more words

Fabulous Foods

Paleolithic? Polypore.

This blog post is primarily about my quest to learn about mushrooms this winter.

The following video shows the dinner I made on January 28, 2018. 4,655 more words

Fabulous Foods

Waterton, in chalk and charcoal

In this blog post I write about documentaries called Jesus Camp and Trophy; Cinescopes by Risa Williams and Ezra Werb; Charles Colson’s The Faith; Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s… 11,192 more words

Fabulous Foods

Life after GABA: a few dietary "glitches" but I'm basically eating healthy.

In this blog post, I share that I, like other humans, sometimes eat things that I shouldn’t, even when I know better; I share a few recipes; and suggest people read the following books: 3,404 more words

Fabulous Foods