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For the love of Avocados <3

I LOVE Avocados, and it has not always been this way. My love for this fruit (yes avocados are technically a fruit) grew overtime, and I thank one of my BFF’s for introducing me to them in the form of an avocado grilled cheese, which I still frequently eat. 481 more words


Foods that are difficult to digest

For those who have any kind of digestive problem, it can be difficult finding the perfect meal options. Not all foods are easy for your stomach to digest and making your stomach work harder can cause unpleasant complications. 418 more words

Bev Cronje

Be careful when choosing a salad dressing

When you think of enjoying a fresh salad, you are most likely also going to consider various salad dressings for extra flavour. Salads are delicious all on their own but it’s the dressing that can really make all the difference. 244 more words

Bev Cronje