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Stuck like glue

Ever feel like you are pushing forward so hard but really getting no where? Many days during this process that’s how we feel. We know we are moving forward. 144 more words


Havana - Part 1

We had only two full days in Havana. Let me just say this, in case you’re planning to go to Cuba anytime soon: two days is NOT enough! 1,007 more words


Chugging along (with your help)

Well, friends and family, we are moving right along in this process. I (Brittany) may be drowning a little bit in the paperwork and emails and pictures, but, we are progressing toward that little light at the end of the tunnel. 786 more words


Our current place...it's a long one but it's the details you all have been asking for

We are under mounds of paperwork! I mean….MOUNDS! We have plowed through it but are still waiting to get the medical statements signed off and references back! 437 more words


Call of the Sea - Exhibition review

Call of the Sea is a collaboration between five Dutch and eight Western Australian artists and commemorates 400 years since Dutchman Dirk Hartog’s visit to Australian shores. 260 more words

Fact (sort Of)

Blue on Blue

Given the USAF’s propensity for shooting its allies and own forces, painting “Don’t Shoot” in large letters on your aircraft isn’t as silly as it first seems. 115 more words


No entiendo a los del FAC, ni a los del PLUSC

Vivimos en una Costa Rica cada vez más dividida. Basta con ver los “posts” que realizan los políticos en redes sociales para ver gente que con pasión los ama, o con pasión los odia. 947 more words