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Summer in China: I

Last year, during my final semester of university, I was struggling with deadlines and essays. I doubt I need to elaborate here, but life = hell. 545 more words


5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Finding A Personal Trainer

Here at FAC our main objective is to help all our clients to attain not just their ideal body, but also an ideal lifestyle, and we understand that sometime it can get pretty difficult doing it on your own. 334 more words


New look blog and The Edge feature

Come and see! Tell your friends! Arts Review by Jade has a new look and a new logo.

The blog will also be featured on The Edge website, Frankston’s online arts network and also in next week’s edition of the Edge E-News: . 17 more words


A Runners story

Who are you running for?

What made you start to run?

When was the right time for you?

Where are you running?

Why did you stop? 556 more words


EGO...Good or Bad? Find out here

What is an Ego? By definition it’s a person’s sense of self esteem or self-importance. We all know someone that has strong ego and it’s pretty much seen in a negative light by others around them. 1,173 more words

How do you define a truly great cigar?

There are A LOT of cigars out there. There are A LOT of really good cigars, A LOT of decent cigars and A LOT of mediocre cigars out there. 2,070 more words