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Day 36 - 門


In the pursuit of judging and mining for new artists and new artistic expression it is Full Art Catalog‘s (FAC) goal to help reveal the important discovery of not only form but non-form. 142 more words


Day 35 - House of Blues

“Unity in Diversity”

While attending the performance of “BONES, THUGS~N~ HARMONY “at the House of Blues I noticed hovering over the stage a lots of symbols, and the words, UNITY IN DIVERSITY. 197 more words


Switzerland - Assessment of 100 million due to incorrect import value

In understanding of the business impacts, the Federal Supreme Court clarified the uncertainty on determination of the import VAT value for foreign companies involved in supplies of goods to Switzerland resulting from the recent decision of the Federal Administrative Court. 760 more words

Tax Knowledge

Day 32 - Galen Garwood

Galen Garwood – NW Artist – Buddha’s Song of Seven 31.5″ x 42″ 2015 Oil on paper


Day 31 - Ralph Waldo Emerson

10Muse says…”Art helps an individual to experience something universal and priceless, and this experience is felt by all those who are art lovers.”

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Every genuine work of art has as much reason for being as the earth and the sun.

Owing to her prosperity and freedoms , America has become a treasure-trove of Art, both extant and potential . 116 more words


Day 28 - Entrepôt/ARTS PORT OF CALL

…..the shortest travel route for the distribution of Art

A entrepôt is a central point {for a given geographic area} where goods are bought together and physically traded; before the re-export to their final destination. 121 more words