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Got Dark Circles? I have answers...

First off…what can cause them? There are several reasons that aren’t connected to an underlying illness or disease. These include…


neutrogena protect + tint tinted moisturizer SPF 30

Below you will find my next installment of “foundation 2020”

What exactly is a “tinted moisturizer” anyway?
  • the short answer is they are a light foundation used to even out our complexions…not the same thing as foundation because they don’t contain the same amount of color pigments.
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Face Care

Moisturizers: The Most Basic Component of Skin Care Regime

When it comes to skin care regime, I believe moisturizers are one of the most essential part of it. If you are why moisturizers are so important, then let me tell you this – Moisturizers hydrate our skin and keeps it moisturized and nourished. 316 more words

Neutrogena Bright Boost Gel Cream

I’m BACK…the flu was rough but it’s finally gone! I had a sort of New Year’s Resolution to ALWAYS post consistently 3 posts per week, even on vacation. 611 more words


Neutrogena Bright Boost Illuminating Serum

The Bright Boost line is interesting because it has been called “The Skincare Line for Millennials Made By Millennials.” Apparently, Neutrogena had several women scientists younger in age create this line for themselves and women like them who might be experiencing a change in their skin. 591 more words


I Dew Care Peel-Off Masks and Accessories

My first I Dew Care product came from a subscription box, and I set it aside, letting it collect dust. Then one day, my daughter came home from college and suggested we do facials. 120 more words

No7 Airbrush Away Primer

How’s your primer treating you? Do you even use a primer?


–a substance used as a preparatory coat for a surface

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