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How to Prevent Razor Burn (7 Easy Tips)

Raised bumps. Itching. Redness.

These are all sure signs of razor burn, a bothersome type of skin inflammation that can occur after shaving. Though it can be the result of sensitive skin in general, it’s usually the result of haste and improper shaving techniques. 919 more words

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Tips for How to Shave Your Face

Did you know the average guy spends about 3,000 hours of his life shaving? That’s over four months. (Crazy, right?) If we’re going to spend that much time shaving, it’s worth making sure we do it right. 784 more words

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Shave Gel vs. Shave Cream: Which is Right for You?

Shaving is the act of pulling blades across your skin, so there’s no secret why we need protection. But we have options: shave gel vs. shave cream. 402 more words

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Tips for How to Trim a Beard

Going to the barber is a viable option, but learning to trim our own beard will save us a lot of time and money. Then we can leave all those trips to the barbershop behind. 813 more words

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How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs When Shaving (7 Easy Tips)

They’re pesky. They’re painful. And most of us guys have dealt with them before.

That’s right. We’re talking about ingrown hairs—those little red bumps that show up on your skin after shaving. 897 more words

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Super Power of Rosehip! (with Video)

Health & Skincare Benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil
• Corrects UV damage from the sun
• Fades Scars, including acne scars and old scars
• Reduces appearance of scars, burns and stretch marks… 186 more words


Huxley Secret of Sahara Cream Anti-Gravity

With the current state of my skin—dry with a moisture barrier that’s easily compromised—I have a tendency to reach for the richer face creams in my collection. 340 more words