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I’m not having sex with Black Koffee. He’s a pig and I hate him. He was with four different girls at the club on Sunday. FOUR! 187 more words

Waiblingen Altstadtfest

As of 28.6.12 and after three hours waiting in a government office, I am officially a citizen of Waiblingen, DE. I will continue to reside here for the next month until I move to the Great White North. 426 more words

What's Going On

Workin' on the weekend

I spent a lot of Sunday with my butt in the air tearing up pallets at Engaged Community Offshoots, which is an incredible project that you need to check out. 37 more words

Classic Donahue Moment...

This is a hilarious clip pulled from the annals of youtube and time. Phil Donahue had a talk show like many people did back then, a bit more respectable and less baby daddy search topics. 27 more words

The 2 Live Crew : "Face Down Ass Up" live on the Phil Donahue show, 1990.

…I figured I’d start the year off with a bang. And a little class.

*WARNING*: this song is offensive. No, really. It’s way over the top. 172 more words