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What is facial contouring surgery?


Changing face bone structure for cosmetic purposes was something unimaginable many year ago.

Face contouring One of the most fascinating aspects of beauty is that it is not… 453 more words

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Give Mum A Bit Of A Lift With Bioultima At REviveAesthetics

This Mother’s Day, why don’t you give the woman who not only carried you around in her womb for nine-months, but also stood by your side while you threw your teenage hissy fits, held you in her arms when you broke your heart over some pimply youth and listened patiently while you complained yet again, about your horrible colleagues, spouse, in-laws, frenemy etc. 583 more words


My New Improved...better version!

Like they say Change is the only constant thing in life.  At every point in life, we experience seasonal changes. To this end, I want to welcome you to the changes happening on my site.  315 more words

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Facelift - Pre and Post Operative Surgery Tips For Facelift Procedure

For those who have decided to undergo a facelift, there are many things to do before the surgery to make sure or to have a smooth and effective surgery and recovery period. 725 more words

Cosmetic Surgery Tips

Face Yoga: Anti-Aging Exercises To Age Like Fine Wine

How often have you tried to look young with fewer or no wrinkles around the eyes? Embrace face yoga whole-heartedly.

Here are a set of exercises that would make you look younger in a more natural way, focusing on skin relaxation, acupressure, and massage. 447 more words


Happiness is the cheapest face lift

I was only in my mid 20s when I noticed a faint vertical wrinkle between my eyebrows. I don’t think it was noticeable to others, though. 568 more words



What I used last winter:

For sure you heared about deciem hype! Everybody is talking about! Cheap and good anti age cosmetic and my fifth order already. 244 more words