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Believe This Hype Too: The 8 Most Underrated Guitarists I Can Think of Right Now

Even if you hate the guitar, you probably know some guitar player names: Hendrix, Slash, Eric Clapton, that asshole from Metallica (no, the other asshole from Metallica. 1,048 more words

Lars Ulrich Is A Shitty Drummer

How to Be a Guitar Hero (featuring Ted Leo and the Pharmacists)

If I were to teach a class on How to Be a Guitar Hero, there would be a substantial unit on Ted Leo (in among units on Jimi Hendrix, Tad Kubler, Django Reinhardt, Elmore James, Peter Buck, and a weekend seminar called Fuck Joe Satriani*). 1,184 more words

Lars Ulrich Is A Shitty Drummer

Pretty Fly for a Dead Guy

Whenever a dead guy releases a “new” album, I think people have a moral duty to heap upon it every ounce of skepticism they can muster. 1,015 more words

Lars Ulrich Is A Shitty Drummer

Ask A Musical Pathologist: Steel Panther and Genre Exceptionalism

Earlier this year, I brought Dr. Rebecca Mellor (no relation) on as part of the Bollocks! team to answer your questions regarding music and your mental health. 1,369 more words

Corporate Rock Sucks

Dinosaur Jr. Reminds Me of My Sandals (Not a Shoegaze Joke)

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, there are a few things you can count on in this life: 1) (spoiler alert!) You’re gonna die, 2) You’re probably gonna pay some taxes and 3) Despite being a pretty boring live act, Dinosaur Jr. 903 more words

Lars Ulrich Is A Shitty Drummer