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Painting Faces (for Jane Blundel)

The boys, they ask for tigers,

Super-heroes, dinosaurs,

Pokémon we’ve never heard of,

and monsters, of course!

The girls, they all like ‘Frozen’,

fairies and butterflies, 113 more words


Decorating a Miniature

Decorating a “miniature” is not easy although being adept at using bright water colors, a small artist’s paintbrush, and having lots of patience developed by years being a mother are qualifications enough. 102 more words


Nigel Marven at Fossils Galore

I went to Fossils Galore to meet Nigel Marven in August 2016.

I had my face painted of a black and white and yellow T-Rex. It was good. 133 more words


How to Find Cheap Face Painting Artists?

Are you organizing a party at you home or office and you need cheap face painting Sydney artists? Then you must be on the lookout for such artists in your locality. 483 more words

FUN ~ Bring it on!

What do simple folks do?

We are simple folks that have strong family values. We are community oriented. We live nice quiet lives devoid of drama in comparison to humans in People Magazine or Entertainment Tonight or Camelot. 450 more words


Children's Face Painting Ideas - Cute, Easy Designs

Have you wondered about doing face painting on your little ones?  It can look a little difficult so you may be put off by that, but with some practice you’ll enjoy great fun painting your children’s faces. 225 more words

Face Painting

How to Make Your Birthday Party Special With Face Painting

Face painting is a recent attractive thing among the kids. They love to paint their face as per the birthday theme. So, the service of face painting is high on demand and there are various service providers and face painters are there to give you the best face painting and it will enhance your birthday theme look and you will feel really happy. 396 more words