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a culture of faces

Please buckle your seatbelts—I want to cover a good bit of ground rapidly. The impetus for this journey comes from two reports of recent research about (1) facial recognition and (2) differences in facial processing between autistic toddlers and ones developing normally. 1,498 more words

Apple tests the feature of unlocking the iPhone with users face

Samsung’s iris recognition feature was a major selling point, and Apple will not accept Samsung alone as it is testing a new face recognition technology in 3D, thus identifying and unlocking the iPhone. 278 more words


L2-constrained Softmax Loss for Discriminative Face Verification


With the recent successes in CNNs, the performance of face recognition has also benefited. A baseline for face recognition includes a sequential network and a softmax criterion. 1,305 more words



Are you fed up of losing your room keys? Or are you fed up of remembering which key opens which lock?

To solve these problems, we present to you the face recognition door lock. 528 more words


Face Aging with Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks


This paper introduces an interesting application of conditional generative adversarial network (cGAN) for face aging. That is, you can use this cGAN to synthesize the face images of one person at different ages. 1,111 more words


Steps in face recognition

From a paper published by Facebook Research Lab (https://research.fb.com/publications/deepface-closing-the-gap-to-human-level-performance-in-face-verification/),  the conventional pipeline of modern face recognition is the following:

Detect => Align => Represent => Classify… 11 more words