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Civil liberties groups ask for 'moratoriums' on face recognition tech

Armed with new research, civil rights organizations are urging the Justice Department to investigate law enforcement’s excessive use of face recognition technologies.

A coalition of… 541 more words


Where is my puppy? Retrieving lost dogs by facial features

A pet that goes missing is among many people’s worst fears: a moment of distraction is enough for a dog or a cat wandering off from home. 164 more words


Face Processing

My readings of vision research ended years ago, with the works of Kuffler, Hubel and Wiesel about low and intermediate visual processing in the primary visual cortex. 197 more words

Personal Stories

FBI Face Recognition Technology

In movies and television shows, law enforcement agencies use automated face recognition to find suspects and solve crimes.

Does it work that way in real life? 460 more words


What's in a Face?

Image attribution: Public Domain, <a href=”https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=481874″>https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=481874</a&gt;

Here is a “taste” of some of the content I cover related to pattern recognition. By no means is this complete or meant to be a comprehensive overview of how we process patterns. 1,595 more words


Machine learning has a privacy problem

Despite all of its benefits, artificial intelligence is introducing some controversial issues, and it’s not all about stealing our jobs. Thanks to machine learning algorithms, assets that were previously in our sole possession are no longer private and can be accessed and used by anyone who has the nerves to do a little search and install the right applications. 1,220 more words


facerec – adding OpenFace’s face recognition capability to an rtndf data flow pipeline

I had obtained some very nice results with OpenFace in a previous project and thought it would be fun to wrap it into an rtndf… 252 more words