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Face Recognition Tech To Stop Toilet Bandits

China, the most populous country in the world face the problem of Toilet Paper Thieves or Gangs, who steal toilet papers from community areas like parks, spas, and sometimes bars and clubs. 136 more words

What!? You can authorize payments and access facilities with your face in China

A Chinese startup, Face++ (Face plus plus), has a new breakthrough. They have developed a software which enables anyone to use their face as a payment method or even access facilities that require you to have an access key to enter. 113 more words


Do I know you?

Are you good with faces? Would you be able to recognise someone you’ve only met once before? Some of us are better at remembering faces than others. 760 more words


Chinese Company Let's You Pay Using Your Face

Banking technology has changed so much that we no longer need to enter our pin to pay for a product, at least to a certain amount, we can just use our cards to touch a machine, and there, we have paid for our purchase! 422 more words


openbr @ docker


just testing face recognition and face detection, so i came over openbr.

In order not to mess up my system i build it via docker, that what i like to share. 157 more words

Notes #9: An All-Electric Future

Weekly Update

Seeing things

I’m currently compiling a glossary of the technical terms for the 101 psychological phenomena described in ‘Old Bunyard’s Philosophick Fables’. Perhaps the least prosaic of all the names is ‘pareidolia’, which might at first sound like some exotic mental disorder. 726 more words