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Patent for 3D camera technology that could be used in Apple's iPhone 7 dual lens camera surfaces

”This week Apple was granted two 3D Depth mapping patents,” Jack Purcher reports for patently Apple.

“The first covered a specialized 3D mapping processor and the second covered using 3D mapping to accurately handle in-air gesturing,” Purcher reports. 142 more words



FaceNet: A Unified Embedding for Face Recognition and Clustering

http://arxiv.org/abs/1503.03832这是Google的一篇关于face recognition的paper,在LFW上取得了99.63%的效果。

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Cloud User Manager

Cloud User Manager is premium extension of the Cloud Face Detection package. It includes simple to reuse face & emotion-detection components and demo, as well as user-management components and demo that use face-recognition in order to recognize users. 157 more words


Your Character from a Distance

I’m shortsighted. I first donned glasses in third grade and they’ve only been getting thicker since. The glasses work pretty well, but at a certain distance away, things start to get fuzzy. 261 more words


How Biometrics Time & Attendance System Evolving?

Biometrics refers to the Physiological and Psychological characteristics of an individuals which are unique to them. For example, Iris, Face, Fingerprint, Voice, Palm, Vein, etc. So, these modalities can be used to identify or verify a person. 693 more words


faces [81/365]

While this winter storm is raging outside, I’m enjoying my morning coffee and the fact that I don’t have to go anywhere today. There’s a total whiteout right now, and the snow is accumulating on the balcony railing. 218 more words