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Do you Recognize me?

So, one of the most important features of AMEE is its ability to recognize people, both visually and via voice. This is important in making the robot feel more personal and friendly if we’re truly to achieve our goal of helping people manage loneliness. 177 more words

Face Recognition

Face Recognition with OpenCV · objc.io

objc.io publishes books on advanced techniques and practices for iOS and OS X development

Source: Face Recognition with OpenCV · objc.io


So What Makes a Robot Dog?

I thought this would be a good point to talk about what we really want out of this robot and what that might require. I am basing much of this off of real dogs. 508 more words

Face Recognition

Baidu and KFC’s new smart restaurant suggests what to order based on your face

@tachyeonz : Baidu is demonstrating some of its most recent tech advancements in novel ways, including a partnership with KFC China (yes, the fried chicken KFC). 24 more words


Simon Says Smile, Human!

The bad news is that when our robot overlords come to oppress us, they’ll be able to tell how well they’re doing just by reading our facial expressions. 123 more words

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The biggest artificial intelligence developments of 2016

This year was a big one for artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and all the related technologies. Thanks to innovations and breakthroughs, the industry took great leaps both for the better and the worse this year. 1,057 more words


Neural Networks Can Now Turn a Single Photo Into a Creepy 3D Face Render

Behold the remarkable future of neural networks: disembodied faces turning in the darkness. Research study submitted to Cornell University utilizes deep neural networks to develop comprehensive 3D designs of faces utilizing a single 2D photo. 15 more words