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Great exit of US-UA startup Looksery

A great example of what setup can you create is a success of Looksery augmented reality company acquired by Snapchat last week.

Rumors say that it was a $150M exit of a company with SF-based company with a solid R&D office in Odessa, Ukraine. 121 more words

The problem with Google Photos or why my friends are a Spaceman and a Ladyboy

Google Photos is a brilliant product. Free, powerful, cross platform and with unlimited storage. The problem is that it is rather too helpful. It’s like having a hyperactive boy scout always at hand trying to be earn a merit badge when actually you’d prefer to be left alone. 269 more words


Getting inside the brain of a Neural Network

Neural Networks are getting so popular due to their ability to create any function by feature learning when enough data is provided. Features are the information you are giving to the network, greater the feature size greater is the information you provide. 377 more words

Machine Learning

30 Hackdays Day 11: Kairos Face Recognition - Finding Which Celebrity You Look Like The Most

Once in my phone, there was an app that allows you to throw in one of your photos. Then the app will find a celebrity that best matches your face. 568 more words


World's Top 10 Usage of Face Recognition Technology #2015

Research in recent face recognition technologies seem to suggest that it is challenging to fake the identity of the person even after a facial surgery (though, we find that hard to believe) because they make use of something called as ‘nodes’ (around 600 nodes for every face) of the facial structure, which these techniques claim, remains unique to each person – dead or alive. 865 more words

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I just couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post this photo.  In digitizing my film from the 80s and 90s, I came across this photo I took when I went to London in 1988.   9 more words

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