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Things only people in a long distance relationship will understand

  1. Face Time/ Skype is your best friend. Even those miles can’t keep you apart. The only thing that can get in the way now is a bad WiFi connection.
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15-04 Story 2: Face Time vs. Screen Time


Synopsis: Kids are always on their phones, tablets or computers – even when they’re sitting across from one another at the lunch table! Does communicating via screens hurt kids? 1,930 more words

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Who doesn’t love technology?  Seriously, even my 93 year old grandma loves FaceTime.  It’s so great that I still can connect with my family on a regular basis.   91 more words


“Maybe” it’s because I am entering a new life phase, my 40s.
( okay technically I’ll be 39 and whose to say just like everything else there’s early bloomers and late bloomers of which I’m early…) That life and everything in it looks different. 1,094 more words

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Mourning the Loss of Teacher Face Time

You know that feeling when you see an old friend or family member who lives far away? It’s a happy thing, to reconnect with loved ones, but then you feel a certain sadness when your visit is over. 773 more words

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