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An Absent Child

For the first time in 25 years, my daughter was not home for the holidays. For me, her absence is a phantom limb, a muscle memory of a part now gone, the burden I carry and recognize as a mother’s longing for an absent child. 385 more words

Things Toddlers Say - the Extended Version

Happy Tuesday, y’all! I don’t know if you can tell by the picture below, but we’ve had a… crazy week. These guys are getting more hilarious by the day, and I’m so excited each week to share this insight into my life with you. 554 more words


On-call whore

Just an on-call whore

When you’re feeling bored

Some eye-candy food

When you’re in the mood

Easy peck of porn

When you’ve got the horn… 28 more words


Between intention and habit

“With all the advantages being online gives us, we’re also offered a set of potential dangers we have to understand.  What we know about how humans react to virtual environments is still in its infancy…In the battle between intention and habit, we need to be able to work out who is winning; who is master, and who is slave.” 796 more words

Project 35 | Day 303

Have you missed me? It’s been three weeks since I last shared an update and there a few very good reasons for that.

Practicalities, changes to my behaviour day to day, and penny drop moments are at the core of my lack of posts and here’s why. 705 more words


The Value of Face-to-Face Time

Rush in to an 8am Skype call. Check emails. Get an hour of work in. Conference call. More emails. Stand-up team meeting. Grab a sandwich whilst you check more emails. 170 more words

Corporate Hospitality