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ASSUME nothing

I’ve used this media file before, (that’s what we call it now, I suppose, at least it sounds more impressive that “picture”.) 

Media file wasn’t a phrase when Norman Rockwell was around, or if it was, it certainly wasn’t digital.  703 more words

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Life Lessons from Blend-S - A Love Story Needs to be Law Abiding

Having a plan and using it to get closer to someone you like is an admirable thing to do. It’s hard when you’re both working, but finding a moment for dates in weird times helps keep the love going. 174 more words


5 hotties for the price of one unique blog post

I recently received my first ever blogger tag and I also got an award. I feel so loved and special.

I’ve been blogging for a little over a month now and it still feels weird that people outside of me read what I write. 1,513 more words


Dies Irae: Bewildered Confusion

We’re six episodes in and I’m positively perplexed at my ability to not really get anything here. I’m bewildered by my confusion, because I feel like I should be getting things now. 101 more words


Juuni Taisen – Blindness x3

It almost seems like Juuni Taisen took a break for two weeks, only to have three people die in one go during the last episode. Just before, we’re just going in reverse order of the Chinese Zodiac so the three who died weren’t a surprise. 909 more words


Lost Art of Conversation

I admit I’m guilty of this as I’m typing  this blog. But no one unplugs and chats. I don’t mean IM, text, Twitter, Facebook or whatever other social-media time-suck exists. 362 more words

Confession: Juuni Taisen ep 4

Confession time.

As I mentioned before, I am a fan of Juuni Taisen and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this series. However, after episode two I started to notice that the characters were dying in reverse order of their Chinese Zodiac counterparts. 322 more words